UK: Student Kicked Out of Class for Believing in Two Genders!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2019

2 + 2 = 5 had absolutely nothing on man + woman = as many genders as the Jews say.

This kid learned the hard way that you can’t fight leftism head-on.


A 17-year-old Scottish student claims he was told to leave his class after saying there are only “two genders” – a statement which earned him a reprimand from the teacher, whose reaction he secretly recorded on camera.

The three-minute-long video shows the teacher at the Aberdeenshire secondary school explaining that he was asked to leave the class because his opinion on genders is “not very inclusive” and out of line with “national school authority policy.”

The student then turns that argument on the 56-year-old teacher, telling him it’s also “not very inclusive” to prevent him from airing his own personal views on the subject. When the teen says that claims of more than two genders are “not scientific whatsoever,” the teacher tells him “not every policy is scientific.”

And there’s your liberal and tolerant society that believes in SCIENCE! and BTFO’ing irrational conservatards with their flying spaghetti monsters and their belief in basic biology.

But I want to take this opportunity to put out a PSA: kids, don’t try to fight the PC head-on.

Even when I was in school, it was already far too late for standing up to PC culture and I regret the fact that I ever piped up and challenged the orthodoxy. It was a waste of time.

I should have agreed and amplified the craziness like a Tactical Communist would have.

This is the only way to rebel nowadays. And this is what the Left does, which is part of the big appeal that it has for young kids. They take the principles of the Boomer shitlib generation that we all have to endure (and don’t forget, most Boomers are shitlibs even if they vote for Trump) and then they take them to their logical extremes.

In this way, they can pull an “aha!” on their elders and force them to concede the point and back down.

Fighting the older generation head-on is much more difficult because that would involve challenging the fundamental assumption that they hold instead of just twisting their own logic against them.

“Dad, you don’t believe in race and think we’re all equal, but you don’t want sis to date a nigger – doesn’t that make you a Nazi? You’re a Nazi, dad!” 

Kids derive quite a bit of satisfaction from seeing their elders (who they know are full of shit) twist and sputter and struggle to squirm their way out of the inescapable logic of the great post-war equality lie. I know I used this technique on my parents from time to time. I asked my mom once whether she was OK with me marrying an Asian girl. Probably almost gave the woman a heart attack, but I won’t lie, I got some immense satisfaction out of seeing her sputter and start repeating the mantra, “well… if you really love her… I guess it’s… OK…” as sweat beads formed on her brow, she began to breathe heavily and her eyes bugged out at me – filled with pure agony.

Still get a chuckle remembering that to this day. 

If you think that’s bad though, that’s nothing, really.

Some kids take their rebellion to extreme levels to really drive the knife into their elders’ heart and twist.

There are many variations on this technique, but in the case of the gender teacher, the obvious escalation technique to use would be to ask the teacher to state how many genders he thinks there are and then do the ol’ n+1 maneuver and say that there are, in fact, more genders than that and that he is an out of touch Boomer bigot who ought to be reported to Antifa for teaching Nazism in his classroom.

That would have been a far more effective technique.

Now, the whole Neon-Nazism approach is undeniably a more total and complete form of rebellion, but one that can’t be as easily pulled off in a society that has spent 75 years aggressively denying the truth and building a system concerned with one thing and one thing only: destroying anyone who challenges the assumption of equality.

Furthermore, if the old fart at the head of the class is for equality… why should his opinion supersede my own? Isn’t that ageist? Also, isn’t he White? Why should a White Boomer be allowed to indoctrinate young people like me with his Nazi propaganda? Maybe I should tell the Latinos in class that he is a racist and see how they take it…

“Nah, teach, this homework is racist, classist and ageist so how bout you suck mah dick instead, bigot!”

You get the point, I hope.

Leftist ideology is so bat-shit crazy that it can completely destroy any system it comes into contact with – whether it is the school system, the workplace, the country at large – it doesn’t matter.

In other words, Tactical Communism is like a super-sharp double-edged sword. It can be wielded effectively against the very system that keeps us all in shackles now.

And it’s all we have for now. 

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  1. Zaros says:

    So it would be alright for the young guy to hang out in the girls showers then?

  2. Otako says:

    Why did the kid have an American accent?

  3. Any high-schoolers reading this: a concrete example of agree-and-amplify would be when a teacher claims “jews controlling the world” (or some variation thereof) is a “conspiracy theory” and you counter him by calling him an anti-semite.

    Now you can claim jews have a higher IQ, and even the ebil not-sees stopped using IQs scores because the ashkenazi have higher IQs, and your teacher is a filthy bigoted nazi for thinking jews couldn’t rule the world if they wanted to. Because of their high IQs.

  4. What you see before you (the teacher) is a pension faggot. God, it’s hard to watch cowardice like that.

    In the US, where Jews have already eliminated (cashed in on) most pensions, we have the muh 401(k) faggots — People who will fight for and enforce globohomo with an iron rod because materialism and fear of death is their creed. Slavery is their creed.

    As things “progress”, the enforcers will be muh weekly food ration faggots.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you , and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    You’re either crouching and licking or fedpostdeleted

    To think there’s something in between is delusion.

  5. I had a lot of conflicts with teachers back in high school. I see nothing wrong with making them look like dumb fools before the class when they try to peddle stupid leftist propaganda.

    Interesting Latino teacher in that Youtube clip. I wonder how his lectures would look like if he tried to teach differential geometry at university :smiley: But it is a lie that the Mayans invented zero. My bet goes to the Babylonians for that, which were white dudes like us. By the way, I have this theory that the Mayans of today are as related to the ancestors who built things like the Machu Picchu as does the people in Egypt today have with the people who built the pyramids. I think a lot of people have been replaced in different areas throughout history.

  6. @Roy_Batty @Zaros @Otako @Goyspace @Danespear @Rahaal

    Only if he research the legislation to find this.

    Higher Education and Research Act 2017, Section 14

    Public interest governance condition

    (7) The list (as originally determined and as revised) must include the principle that academic staff at an English higher education provider have freedom within the law—

    (a) to question and test received wisdom, and

    (b) to put forward new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions,

    without placing themselves in jeopardy of losing their jobs or privileges they may have at the provider

    Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005, Section 26

    Academic freedom

    (4) For the purposes of this section, “academic freedom” in relation to relevant persons includes their freedom within the law to do the following things—

    (a)hold and express opinions,

    (b) question and test established ideas or received wisdom,

    © develop and advance new ideas or innovative proposals,

    (d) present controversial or unpopular points of view.

    By law, he shouldn’t be kicked out, he should find himself a solicitor and take legal action against the school/college.

  7. I wonder, what if all of the teachers quit and/or went on strike? Then the schools would stop functioning as schools while the white men could organize some private schooling system where they actually teach things for the kids. Something makes me believe it would be a good thing to make the schools collapse.

  8. I actually had no problems like this with my teachers back in the late eighties in high school. There was no PC culture or bullshit like this being pushed upon me.

    There was, at one time, a class similar to home economics called “Family Living” that I was required to take for half a school year. They assigned each student a project called “My Dream Wedding” where you would have to outline all the plans and details for your dream wedding and itemize all the expenses and shit like that.

    I refused to do it because I said I had no intention of getting married which meant I had no dream wedding. The teacher told me I would fail the course if I did not do it, which means I would have to manufacture the entire project as an entire fiction. I was going to play that game and go full bore with my dream to marry a black woman, with HIV, already with kids and a bad crack habit and all the challenges that would happen with a mixed marriage with someone from the ghetto, but instead wanted to be informative to my fellow brothers that were trapped within this mandated school course.

    So instead I presented a thoroughly done project on divorce in Florida in a no-fault state and how a marriage is not just a contract between a man and woman, but includes a third party which is the state and then went into divorce statistics, court rulings concerning divorce cases, asset distribution, child support and custody issues, etc. At the end of my lecture I used the stats and real life court cases and rulings to show the incredible bias against the males during the dissolution of marriage in civil proceedings and concluded this is why I won’t be having a dream wedding. I remember leaving the class gaping with surprise that I presented something so contrary to the original assignment. The teacher was fuming, but never interrupted or stopped me.

    My presentation blew away anyone else’s in the class that was talking about their dream wedding, yet the teacher would not accept my project and because it made up such a large portion of the grade average I was given the only grade lower than a B ever in my entire public school history. She gave me a D.

  9. I remember my last time at school only to well. I had become a political trouble maker.

    I had not been Jew wise back then but I’ve already openly compared the israeli occupation to cancer which was metastasizing.
    That’s been 10 years ago.

    I also remember having questioned the legitimacy of the Federal Republic of Germany, which is a known fact amongst german nationalists.
    Even members of the NPD know about it and they should, since the NPD had literally been founded by former NSDAP members.

    I remember how I had been called to have a little chat with the vice school principle who had reminded me FURIOUSLY that me questioning the FRD was despicable as this very (fake) state has granted me free education, freedom of speech etc. which is where I had interrupted him and said something like “Freedom of speech, yeah right. You are trying to shut me up though.”

    He had gotten even more mad and screamed like a maniac at me, but I’d kept my cool.

    Bottom line is that because of such actions they’d almost kicked me out of school.
    Oh yeah, and one day some female classmate had even called the cops on me after I had read my essay in English class ob gun control and why I believed in a 2nd amendment for Germany.

    The cops had searched my place as if I was a terrorist.

    If you do such activism, ask yourself first whether you can handle the consequences. I didn’t care about being kicked out. I would have leeched the social system dry to help accelerate the collapse, in that case.

    But I regret none of that. Today I would use tactical communism, which I have unknowingly already done a few times to burn libshits with their own logic.
    For example, I remember how my father used to always call me a racist and Nazi and then I have reminded him how he’s warned me to not marry and have kids with an asian woman, because as he’s said, their blood is stronger, and my kids would look nothing like me.
    Yes, back when I was not racially aware I did tell my father that I prefer asian women, because ten years ago Euro sluts have already been absolutely insufferable and I digged the very feminine and submissive attitude of asian women, no doubt.
    Which is also what I’ve given my parents as a reason.
    It was to be expected that my mother would say shit like "As long as you are happy, I am happy, and god loves all people and I’d gladly have those beautiful mixed grandchildren.
    Yet my father lost his shit over these news. xD

    So I had to remind him of that which has shut his sorry boomer mouth up for good.

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