UK: Somali Lord Mayor of Sheffield “Bans” Trump from “His” City for Being Mean to Illegals

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2018

Have you seen Idiocracy?

It’s a comedy about an average white man who, having taken part in a secret government experiment into hibernation, awakens 500 years later to an America in which everyone is stupid, most people are mixed race, and the president is a demented moon cricket. That last part proved particularly prescient, since the film was released in 2006 – a good year before Bathhouse Barry minced onto the world stage.

Since then, we’ve watched in horror as the “fictional” world of Idiocracy manifested before our eyes in every white nation of geopolitical importance.

The host of this month’s “straight out of Idiocracy” event is the English city of Sheffield, whose Somali refugee Lord Mayor (no, really) just came out and “banned” President Trump from “his” city. Here’s a photo from his recent anti-Trump speech, which gives new meaning to the term “one of these things is not like the others”:

Yes, that’s a sombrero resting atop his lightbulb-shaped skull.

He hates that Trump is being mean to Mexicans, you see.


The popular Lord Mayor of an English city has banned Donald Trump ahead of the US President’s visit to the UK on July 13.

Magid Magid, 28, has attracted significant media attention as the youngest Lord Mayor of Sheffield, a city in South Yorkshire, the first to come from the Green Party, and the first Somali to hold the position.

He moved from Somalia to Yorkshire when he was five in 1994 after the Somali Civil War broke out.

As a migrant, Mr Magid has delivered sharp criticism of Donald Trump and his views on immigration. He said on Twitter that Mr Trump is banned from coming to Sheffield during his visit to the UK next week.

It is unlikely Mr Trump would visit Sheffield during this visit, but Mr Magid says he wants to show solidarity with the Mexican community in the city, in light of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance policy” towards undocumented immigrants – many who come from Mexico.

How predictable. The moment white people give a colored gentleman a position of influence, he immediately wages war against them by aligning with non-white interlopers on another continent. It’s almost like these darkies are subconsciously united by their inferiority complexes and want to reshape the global caste system in their favor.

In Mr Magid’s inaugural speech when he became Lord Mayor, he said: ‘I hope by the fact I am a black, Muslim immigrant – everything the Daily Mail probably hates – people will look and say, “In Sheffield we’re proud of doing things differently and celebrating our differences”.’


Magid was born in Somalia and moved to Britain at the age of five. He’s not British even according to the treasonous “you’re British if you were born in the UK” law, yet he still thinks he can speak on behalf of Sheffield’s 80% white population.

What an uppity nigger.

Fortunately, Lord Mayor is a ceremonial position, meaning that Mr. Horn of Africa has no real power over anyone, least of all the GOD EMPEROR. He’s pretty much the definition of a pet negro; someone whom the white councilors of Sheffield can point to as proof that they’re not racist while they keep the city operational in the background.

Of course, Magid is too dumb to realize he’s nothing more than a walking diversity checkbox to these people.

The son of a Scotswoman, Trump has far more claim to British citizenship than Magid Magid ever had.

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  1. Before people comment I would like to add that he was not voted in by the people. He was elected by the people already in power inside Sheffield city council. I live very close to this city. It’s getting like London with all the shitskins.

  2. Don’t worry folks, he hasn’t got a city. He, and the other “Muslims and Jews are natural allies”, are mere chess pieces in the Jewish war on Whites.

    As the saying goes: “It’s always darkest before dawn”. And one dawn, in the not too distant future, their war will be delivered to them, in a very professional, “special” way.

    There will be a “back-engineered” Russian style revolution, whereby they will not be able to see where and when it comes. It will not be a country, it will a multi-modal, multi-front war of the type only Whites can strategise to the full.

    “When the Anglo-Kelts begin to hate”.

  3. Andy says:

    This is not a laughing matter. Even though this clown doesn’t have much authority over anyone there, it still makes you think… How much of an uber-cuck would you have to be, to accept an unwashed monkey from some obscure dump in the third world to occupy a high position within your community and have a say in how local affaris should be carried out?

  4. This unelected non-white Mayor is illegitimate under Act of Settlement 1701 which states:

    No foreigner (“no Person born out of the Kingdoms of England Scotland or Ireland or the Dominions thereunto belonging”), even if naturalised or made a denizen (unless born of English parents), can be a Privy Councillor or a member of either House of Parliament, or hold “any Office or Place of Trust, either Civill [sic] or Military, or to have any Grant of Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments from the Crown, to himself or to any other or others in Trust for him”.

    and this as well

    Even this man knows that non white elected traitors are illegitimate.

    and recently he enabled the investigation of Sadiq Khan to happen with the help of his team working behind the scenes.

    @AH1933 @Andy

    You’re spot on, @MichaelByron needs to make a correction to it.

    Here’s more info on the so called Lord Mayor

    and here’s a list of traitors working in Sheffield Council

    Also this is not the first council to have banned Trump


  5. That was the most disturbing video I’ve ever seen. A Somalian as mayor hired some young 10/10 British girl after she posted on social media and its being shown to us by the Jewish media overlords.

    I might just keep off the internet from now on and stick to books and my hobbies. I don’t want to be aware that any of this is happening and wish to return to my innocent naive self from 2010.

    Edit: Its worse than I expected. I looked up what consort meant as I assumed she was just some guest type of secretary or something… blackpilled af.

    noun: consort; plural noun: consorts

    a wife, husband, or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch.

    Found the tweet and looked through the comments of people that responded. Of course he picked the youngest and prettiest. After looking at her pics she’s not my type. Too chunky which is what niggers are into.

    This is why arranged marriages are the only way. Never let this happen.

  6. How is that even possible that a useless Somali Hip Hop Nigger can be a Mayor?
    This is a fucking and disgusting joke…

  7. Bon says:

    Yes. As in the “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa were blacks, once in power thanks to Jews, began immediately to slaughter Whites.

    Everyday occurance in SA:

    And, will happen if these shitskins outnumber us and are given power - as they are increasingly in my home state of California where they’re calling for land confiscation from Whites.

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