UK: Police Create Algorithm That Decides Whether Burglaries (AKA Real Crimes) are Worth Investigating

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

Last week, the British police launched a plan that intended to propel “diversity, equality and inclusion” events to the top of their priorities list, while relegating actual police work – such as investigations into murder and theft – to the back burner.

Since the British police have prioritized vibrancy over real work for over a decade now, however, I think it’s fair to assume that this plan really means “we’re now focusing almost exclusively on nigger parades and LGBTP rights, and to hell with everything else.”

This week, that plan bore its first fruit: a computer algorithm that lets Norfolk police know whether burglaries are worth getting off the chair (or parade float) to investigate!


Police in Norfolk, England, have dropped hundreds of burglary investigations after a computer algorithm recommended they were not worth pursuing, according to reports.

Burglaries in the United Kingdom — which are much more likely to take place while the residents are at home than in the U.S., as Britons may not keep arms for home defence — have surged in recent years, with fewer and fewer resulting in any meaningful police action as resources shrink and focus shifts to new priorities such as ‘hate incidents.

Now the burglary ‘detection’ rate — which is already a mere 3 percent, having halved from an already low 6 percent since 2013 — looks set to decline even further with police in Norfolk trialling a computer algorithm which recommends whether or not a break-in is worth investigating.

Unsurprisingly, Norfolk police don’t reveal how the algorithm determines whether a burglary is worth pursuing or not. Given all we know about these Paki-worshiping bobbies, though, I think the following estimates are likely:

  • Colored gentleman breaks into a white man’s home: don’t pursue
  • White man breaks into a colored gentleman’s home: pursue
  • Colored gentleman breaks into a white man’s home, but finds white power literature on his bookshelf: pursue
  • White man breaks into a colored gentleman’s home, but finds hundreds of caged white children in his basement screaming for help: don’t pursue

Obviously, it’s not quite as black and white as that (for example, if a white person breaks into a colored gentleman’s home and accidentally drops white power literature in a basement filled with hundreds of caged white children screaming for help, everything cancels out and the police will choose to remain seated), but I don’t think I’m too far off.

Never forget who we’re dealing with here.

Norfolk Constabulary claimed the story was “inaccurate” as a staffer could, in theory, decide to override the algorithm’s decision and conduct further enquiries.

“Using the analysis of thousands of burglary cases in Norfolk, the algorithm is based on 29 factors including solvability, against which each burglary incident is assessed. This generates a recommendation on whether the case should then be allocated for further enquiries,” the force said.

“However, all cases including those in the trial, are still overseen by members of the Norfolk Investigation Management Unit and the recommendations made by the algorithm can and will be overridden if the member of staff feels there are further enquiries which need to be conducted.”

Yeah. In theory.

Except that that won’t happen, because there’s no logical incentive for the police to manually override an algorithm that adheres to the same political priorities that they do.

Like most things the British police do these days, this development is basically designed to embolden non-white invaders in the UK. Bongs are not allowed to protect their homes with obstacles that might deter or harm invaders, they’re not allowed to defend themselves with weapons if an invader successfully breaks inside, and if that invader doesn’t trigger certain red flags, his crime is unlikely to be investigated in the first place.

The police are basically creating an environment in which their colored pets can rob white people’s houses without any legal consequences at all.

Those goddamn kikes are behind this, I’m telling you.

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