UK PM Race: Boris Johnson is Probably Going to Beat Jeremy Hunt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2019

Boris Johnson was the one establishment person who was pushing for Brexit, and by rights he should have become PM when David Cameron resigned.

Instead we got Theresa May, a remainer, whose job it was to purposefully thwart Brexit by dragging it out with endless nonsense.

The establishment tried to stop him with a weird domestic violence drama, but it looks like Boris is set to win.


Boris Johnson looks set for a landslide victory over rival Jeremy Hunt in the race to become Britain’s next prime minister.

According to a YouGov poll published in the Times newspaper, Johnson is backed by 74% of Conservative Party members with Hunt languishing on 26%.

The survey also suggests that the vast majority of the 160,000 grassroots party members who will receive their ballot papers this weekend don’t believe Hunt’s claim that he’s prepared to take Britain out of the European Union without a deal. Only 27% think Hunt would do so, compared with 90% for Johnson.

In an interview with the Times, Hunt sought to play down perceptions that Johnson’s status as the Brexit referendum’s poster child would influence the outcome of the vote. Preparing for an exit without an agreement with Brussels is key, he said, adding that the best way to deliver Brexit would be do so with an accord.

“The choice on this election isn’t actually between our approach to no-deal, it’s who is the candidate who is most likely to negotiate a deal so that we don’t have those difficult decisions to take,” Hunt said.

Despite the fact that Boris is pro-Brexit, and has an okay record on whatever else (better than the rest of the Tories, at least), he is definitely a part of the establishment.

So honestly, I don’t think he will actually do Brexit. I think it’s been decided that Brexit won’t be done, and Boris will be brought in to fake like he’s going to do it and fail, and then the Tories will be replaced with Labour, who will do a second referendum. Corbyn – who himself was probably pro-Brexit – has already endorsed a second referendum.

Even if Boris wants to do Brexit – and even though he is the establishment, I see no reason to doubt that on some level he wants to do it – he won’t be allowed to.

Maybe I’ll be surprised. But Boris’ win isn’t something to get too excited about.

Hunt losing is possibly something to get excited about, because he is just a lunatic Jew shill, calling for an invasion of Iran and everything else.

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