UK: Organization That Teaches Children to Mutilate Themselves Gets £500,000 Lottery Grant

Daily Stormer
February 21, 2019

Pause the video at 2:55 and look at the screen. Just look at it for a minute or two.

Remind me again – why is it a good thing that Germany & Friends lost the war?

What exactly did the other side “win?”

Daily Mail:

A transgender charity will be handed a £500,000 Lottery grant despite accusations it encourages gender reassignment for children, it was reported last night.

The Mermaids group attracted complaints that it used pseudo-science and pressurised parents into supporting medical intervention for youngsters confused about their gender.

What do they mean by “pseudo-science?”

If somebody mutilates their body to look like the other gender, then they’re that gender.

This is (((settled))) science.

Mermaids, which offers advice to transgender and non-gender conforming youngsters up to the age of 19, campaigns for them to be allowed better access to puberty-blockers and other medical options, despite a lack of scientific research over their long-term effects.

How much scientific research do you need to know that chemically and surgically mutilating your body is not good for you?

Is everybody fucking insane???

Leeds-based charity Mermaids was founded in 1995 and also receives funds from the Department for Education.

It is led by Susie Green, a former IT consultant who took her own child to Thailand aged 16 for genital surgery that is illegal in the UK and now outlawed in Thailand, The Times reported. The charity now works with about 500 youngsters and 1,400 parents and uses the Government cash to educate schools about homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

This is the jiggly blob that runs this insane organization:

Her son tried to kill himself repeatedly, but unfortunately failed.

And you’re paying her to do it, Britcucks.


However, the National Lottery said it did not believe Mermaids pushes families towards a particular medical course of action and agreed the funding should be granted. The National Lottery Community Fund said: ‘This review did not find any grounds to withhold funding from Mermaids UK.

‘The grant has therefore been approved by the England funding committee.’

Its final report on the allegations stated: ‘The CEO of Mermaids has publicly raised the issue of medical treatment being available to children younger than is the adopted position of the NHS in the UK. However, Mermaids has no control over medical treatment and this position appears to have been presented in the context of young people having more options open to them.’

But the report also added that the charity should remove a link from its website to a GP practice that is under investigation for prescribing puberty-blockers to under-age children.

Lotteries were created in order to raise money for large construction projects like roads, bridges, walls – including the biggest wall in the world – but no longer.

Just like every other institution in a country controlled by Jews, this too has become just a grotesque parody whose sole purpose is to make money off the people it’s exterminating, and the main portion of the blame lies with the people who permitted things to get here, not with the Jews.

The Jews are our misfortune, but only because we let them.

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  1. Time to use their laws against them.

    Education Act 1996


    Section 406 - Political indoctrination.

    (1) The local authority, governing body and head teacher shall forbid—

    (a) the pursuit of partisan political activities by any of those registered pupils at a maintained school who are junior pupils, and

    (b) the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school.

    (2) In the case of activities which take place otherwise than on the school premises, subsection (1)(a) applies only where arrangements for junior pupils to take part in the activities are made by—

    (a) any member of the school’s staff (in his capacity as such), or

    (b) anyone acting on behalf of the school or of a member of the school’s staff (in his capacity as such).

    (3) In this section “maintained school” includes a community or foundation special school established in a hospital.

    You can legally pull your child out of lessons

    Education Act 1996, section 9

    Pupils to be educated in accordance with parents’ wishes.

    In exercising or performing all their respective powers and duties under the Education Acts, the Secretary of [F1State and [F2local authorities]] shall have regard to the general principle that pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents, so far as that is compatible with the provision of efficient instruction and training and the avoidance of unreasonable public expenditure.

    Geographical extent: England and Wales

    Education (Scotland) Act 1980, Section 28

    Pupils to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents.

    (1) In the exercise and performance of their powers and duties under this Act, the Secretary of State and education authorities shall have regard to the general principle that, so far as is compatible with the provision of suitable instruction and training and the avoidance of unreasonable public expenditure, pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents.

    Geographical extent: Scotland

    Spread awareness about these laws

    Tony Blair repealed this law when he was prime minister

  2. Goyim, the only time you need a father is if there is two of them.

  3. This is why you should not give to “charity”. This includes the red cross, which is now aiding in flooding Europe with Africans. If you find a specific cause that is good and doesn’t give to anything else, then that is fine. But whenever an ad states that proceeds go to charity, it is time to stop supporting that product. That is, unless and until you find an exhaustive list of the where the money actually goes, and determine that none of it is going to stuff like this, or the ADL, or the SPLC, or any pro-immigration organization, or any other evil cause.

  4. Just send some shekels to the stormer instead.:smiley:

  5. Wouldn’t be the first time. Here is a truly bizarre story about a mother who had twin boys, but wanted a boy and a girl, so she is trying to convert one of them to “female”. Just depraved. There seem to be a lot of women involved in the whole Tranny mania.

  6. 2:55 in case you don’t want to watch.

  7. I think the trans thing has a lot to do with the desctruction of the father, both literal destruction and figurative in the sense of the archetype. In this confusion, a “good father” might think he is helping his son. The man thinks, well, I didn’t lose my wife, I submitted to her and kept her, I reduced all my male components as much as I was willing. If only I could be as open as my son, well, at least he can take it to the next level, reducing his masculine qualities to zero, in fact be more womanly than mom and maybe she will be happy.

    Mark my words, we will look back on television and not only view this as a weird joke, but when we even see just simple things like women talking on tv at all it will be laughable.

    Look at the blonde smiling in the background. They don’t think this is cute. Because they are children they see even young boys as potential threats. That blonde is enjoying the destruction of this potential man.

  8. Not gonna fed post here…
    If i were in that audience that day I would have stood up and gotten really mad and yelled at the audience for cheering and gotten angry and yelled at the parents for abusing their child and gotten so ticked off I might have even yelled at the kid and tell him he would be going to hell if he kept up his behavior. I might have even made him cry idk but I would have done that I tell you what.
    Ill tell you what though, I wouldn’t ahve used violence at all becase violence is the worst thing ever and I disavow any movement that uses or promotes violence. Violence is the most evil thing and is not civilized in the current year.
    Even if a guy broke into my house i wouldn’t shoot him, well maybe, but only after giving him three verbal warnings and a possible warning shot. And if my daughter was being raped by a sand nigger i wouldn’t kill the guy outright but apprehend him and let the justice system run its course. And this is because violence is really bad.
    But I would have definitely stood up and said something to everyone. Maybe I would have tweeted about it too, if I had a twitter account.

  9. The craziest part of this tranny meme “Be yourself”, is that it actually means, “Be the opposite of yourself”

  10. as soon as I saw the dad, I felt that he molested the boy early on. I was sickened by the audience…all adults applauding…this “brave” boy… these supportive parents also allow this:

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