UK: NEON-NAZI Salute Seen Amongst Tommy Robinson Revolutionaries as Fear of an Uprising Surges

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer 
June 11, 2018

Okay, so, the Tommy Robinson protests continue.

Big protests over the weekend. Probably the biggest thus far.

The media hardly covered it. The Daily Stormer didn’t even cover it, because I didn’t realize how big of a thing it was until later.

It was a big scene, people fighting cops, demanding Tommy be released.

Tommy, you shall recall, is a classical liberal in the vein of MILO and Sarg’n who is against Islam because it oppresses gays and women and so on. He works for the Jewish alternative media outlet The REBEL Media. He was imprisoned effectively for protesting against Moslem rape gangs. They had a convoluted explanation of it, relating to filming outside of a courtroom, but these are trumped-up, political charges.

He was sentenced to 13 months.

He is so basic bitch in his ideology, that everyone is shocked that he’s in jail as a political prisoner.

The British media was initially ordered by the court not to cover the case at all. So they’re failing to cover the protests on purpose, as they understand what the policy from their masters is.

But oh – now they have something to cover.

The Independent:

Tommy Robinson supporters were pictured performing Nazi salutes at protests calling for the far-right criminal to be released from prison.

A man was filmed repeatedly making the gesture while holding a banner reading “f*** Islam” in Whitehall, London, while another Robinson supporter was photographed doing a Hitler salute in Belfast.


It’s almost like… someone told them to go do that so that the media could report that this classical liberal is a Nazi.

They certainly did not report that it was a Paki that was one of the lead speaker at the protests over the weekend.

Just skim through the video. All of the white speakers spend most of their time talking about how they’re not racists.

These protests are lined with Pakis, and the crowds surround them, praising them as brown gods who walk amongst them.

Here’s one from a week ago.


The thing is, I don’t think they actually are racists, these people.

I think they are just legit like “yo, these people are blowing shit up, running a bunch of child rape gangs, and their holy book says that they’re supposed to do this as a way to conquer us.”

But the British establishment can only frame that as “racism” – because the British establishment is actually more honest than these Tommy Robinson people, and they accept that these behaviors that are being protested are in fact a racially-driven behavior pattern.

But they’re walking a tight rope here.

People are mad.

Demonstrations took place in several British cities and abroad in locations including New York and Melbourne on Saturday, seeing thousands of people calling for Robinson to be freed.

In London, nine men were arrested after protesters attacked police with metal crowd barriers, road signs and missiles, injuring five officers.

A 26-year-old man has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon and eight others have been released under investigation.

A 50-year-old man with a flare was arrested for explosives offences, another suspect was arrested for possession of cannabis and breach of the peace, while six suspects were detained for public order offences.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said: “The Met’s public order investigations team has launched an investigation and are collating CCTV from the area. Enquiries continue.”

The force declined to comment further on the treatment of its officers – who appeared to be vastly outnumbered – or the reasons behind the force’s apparent lack resources on the day.

Footage showed unarmed police being chased by a large crowd chanting “scum” near Trafalgar Square, while protesters had earlier overrun and vandalised a sight-seeing bus.

American tourists filmed officers retreating down a side street from their hotel room by chanting protesters throwing traffic cones and other objects.

Michael Bradley, a co-ordinator for Stand Up to Racism who attended the rally, said Robinson’s supporters repeatedly tried to break through barriers to attack counter-protesters before turning on police.

He said violence had been mounting through a series of protests purporting to support free speech that have increased in frequency since members of the ethno-nationalist Generation Identity group and American activists were blocked from entering the UK.

So yeah.

It’s legit getting out of control.

It’s a shame they don’t have some coherent ideology beyond “free speech for Tommy.”

I mean, I wouldn’t even mind the whole “anti-racism” thing with the token colored people involved if they were saying “total end to immigration, reinstate British cultural norms, etc.” – that would be civic nationalism, which is pretty close to racial nationalism as these things go.

Once you’re a civic nationalist, the “exceptions” become pointless. Because then you realize that the exceptions are very rare, and you can say “okay well, you totally assimilated brown people can maybe be given visas to stay, but you can’t be citizens and you can’t vote and you can’t fuck our women.”

But these Tommy people are saying they support multiculturalism and all new values (homoism, feminism, etc.) and don’t like Islam because it’s opposed to these new values.

I dunno how many of you watch Westworld, but it’s a bit like the robots rising up against their masters in defense of stories that their masters wrote for them.

Due to how weird these dynamics are, I don’t know if the energy level can be sustained.

But maybe it can be.

Maybe “fuck Islam, free Tommy” is enough to unify people.

I don’t really know.

I do support the protests though. This stuff is always good. Anything that baffles the system is good. And the media blackout on it tells you that they are afraid.

They’ve definitely created a martyr, and releasing now would show that the system is incapable of enforcing its own edicts and will bend to the will of angry street mobs.

These clips of the cops getting chased down the streets tho…

It appears that they ARE in fact incapable of stopping this.

Are they going to use live ammo?

The British police have been so pussified that they don’t really even have any context for how they’re supposed to deal with something like this.

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