UK: Negress Accuses Store of Racism for Placing CCTV Warning Signs Next to Black Hair Care Products

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2018

Different store, but still funny lol.

Because our Jew-controlled governments prevent us from engaging in open debates about race, often via threats of imprisonment, white people have to engage in “wink wink, nudge nudge” tactics when approaching the subject on a day-to-day basis.

This is especially true of business owners, who have to resort to the most inconspicuous measures when attempting to deter customers with a – ahem – biological inclination toward crime. Examples include enforcing a “no baggy pants” dress code, encouraging certain people to pay for their meals upfront, or, in this case, placing CCTV warning signs next to certain products and hoping that no one will notice.

But, of course, someone did notice.

Someone always does.

Daily Mail:

Superdrug has been accused of racism after putting up CCTV warning signs in the ‘black and Asian’ haircare section of a store.

Xavy Wright, 31, complained there were no warning notices aimed at potential shoplifters in the section of the Brighton shop containing ‘white’ hair products.

The marketing worker claimed that the signage in the store at the main railway station in the East Sussex city suggested only black people were likely to steal.

Miss Wright, who is originally from Jamaica, filmed herself walking along rows of shampoo, hair dye, and other hair products – none of which have the CCTV warning.

Yet her 25-second video showed how the small section aimed at black and Asian customers features two signs just two shelves apart.

She posted a clip on the chain’s Facebook page with the caption: ‘Saw this at your Brighton store at the train station. I think it’s just rude and quite racist if I’m honest.’

The video begins with her filming the black and Asian hair section. The small section of shelves has two bright yellow CCTV notices in front of the selection of products.

The sign clearly reads: ‘For your safety and security this area is monitored by CCTV.’

A Superdrug spokesman apologised, saying: ‘We apologise for any offence this has caused to Ms Wright and any other customers this was certainly never our intention.

‘Superdrug prides itself on the diversity of its customers and colleagues and a lot of work has been done over the last few years to ensure we provide a wide range of products for all our customers.

‘There are CCTV cameras and signs placed throughout Superdrug stores to prevent theft and to ensure the safety and security of our customers.

‘We’re investigating the placement of the signs in the Brighton station store and will ensure these are now placed throughout the store in line with our company policy.’

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m in a store browsing the products, I don’t notice the security warnings.

Probably because I don’t intend to steal something.

Since blacks are far less observant than whites, I can only assume that this Jamaican invader noticed those warnings because she either intended to steal a product, or was scanning the environment, Terminator-style, hoping to find something racist to whine about.

Obviously, blacks have stolen hair care products from this store before, so management – having been deprived of the ability to place a “NO NIGGERS ALLOWED” sign outside of their windows – had to amp-up the security at everyone else’s expense.

But negroes like Xavy Wright continue to whine about racism and skin-hatred anyway, because it’s either that or accept that they’re a race of impulsive and lawless savages.


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