UK: Mulatto “Peter Pan Nanny” Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Children

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2019

Alexander Philo-Steele.

If a man markets himself as a “Peter Pan Nanny,” I’d assume there’s a 99% chance of him being a pedophile.

If he’s brown, that rises to 100%.

South London Press:

A man who marketed himself online as a ‘Peter Pan Nanny’ has been found guilty of 11 counts of sexual assaults on children following a seven-week trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Alexander Philo-Steele, 35, of Earl’s Court, was found guilty of carrying out the sexual assaults between 2003 and 2018.

The court heard that in 2003, Philo-Steele befriended a six-year-old boy at a family friend’s birthday party, taking him back to his flat and sexually abusing him.

He was arrested for the offence that year, but the case was discontinued due to a lack of evidence. It was later re-opened in last year after further victims came forward.

Between June and October 2018, Philo-Steele, pictured, sexually assaulted brothers aged six and seven, having made friends with the boys’ mother the previous year.

He was arrested on October 12 last year and, following a thorough investigation, was charged with the above offences.

The court also heard that before his arrest, Philo-Steele had been working as a nanny and had advertised his services online, marketing himself as the Peter Pan Nanny on a website he created called governorandnanny.

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    How does an 18 year old “befriend” a 6 year old and take him back to his apartment without the parents thinking something might be amiss? Wtf

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