UK: Mayor Resigns After Complaint About Him Following “Islamophobic” Twitter Personalities

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2018

Lots of people joke that the British elite view Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual rather than an enticing piece of fiction. They claim that if the political climate in the UK continues at the current pace then Britain will outstrip Airstrip One within a decade.

Having recently re-read 1984, however, I’d like to point out the elephant in the room: Airstrip One is a utopia compared to modern-day Britain.

Think about it: Britain contains virtually all of Airstrip One’s negatives (mind control and surveillance of the population, increasingly poor infrastructure) and none of the positives (homogeneous white society, strong authoritarian leader ruling over a patriarchy).

Just look at what happened to this chap. He’s resigned from his job because one person – a rival politician – noticed he was following Twitter users who believe it’s a bad idea to let Moslems conquer Europe.

Even O’Brien, the man who tortured Winston Smith in the Ministry of Love, would consider that doubleplusinsane.


The mayor of a small British town quit his post for “personal reasons”, reportedly after a single complaint was made about his social media activity, including expressing concern about mass migration, and being subscribed to right-wing personalities on Facebook.

Councillor Peter Lucey stood down from his post as Mayor of Wokingham and resigned from the Conservative Party Wednesday after a fellow Councillor from the left-wing Labour Party wrote a letter of complaint about the Mayor’s online activity, reports the Wokingham Paper.

According to the report, the Mayor had expressed concern about mass migration and subscribed to right-wing personalities on Facebook, including Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam, Dutch populist Geert Wilders, and New York Times-bestselling Canadian author Mark Steyn, which the Wokingham Paper described as being “controversial” and holding “anti-Islamic views”.

At first I thought this guy was a Paki, but then I saw the flag.

Speaking to local newspaper the Bracknell News, Labour councillor Andy Croy claimed the Mayor had made Islamophobic communications online, although the only message quoted by papers surrounding the now-deleted accounts specifically referenced immigration, not Islam. The politician said: “I saw the messages and wrote to The Wokingham Conservatives, pointing out that I thought it was islamophobic [sic] and that they needed to deal with it.

“I demanded his resignation. He posted something along the lines of ‘mass immigration has destroyed your future’.”

Where’s the lie, though?

It’s a self-evident fact that mass immigration has destroyed Britain. No one compares footage of London from the 1940s with the London of today and thinks: “Wow, talk about a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Thank God for the enriching goodness of subcontinental street-shitters.”

Fortunately for the left, no one in Britain is allowed to dissect their arguments without serious social or legal consequences. They can simply rely upon the “wow, just wow” factor that decades of Jewish mind control has wrought upon the feminine masses.

Speaking to the Bracknell News, Mr. Lucey explained that he found social media “complex” and did not use it very often, remarking: “I’m not a great social media person, it’s possible that you can post the wrong thing and if anyone is offended I truly apologise.

“I wanted to resign because it’s important that the town isn’t involved in an error. My position of town mayor was completely untenable.

“I’ve deleted my Twitter account, I hardly ever use it actually.”

So, Mr. Lucey chose to resign without putting up a modicum of fight.

What’s the point in following these personalities on Twitter – one of the most heavily monitored sites – if you’re just going to cuck out after the inevitable outcry? Either be a man and stick to your guns or don’t follow these people at all. No one respects a meek lamb.

Mr. Lucey could have even gone with the “I was just following them to monitor their reprehensible actions” angle. At least then he had a chance of keeping his position as mayor and working as an undercover government racist (the best kind of racist).

But nope, pure capitulation.

Boomers gonna boom, I guess.

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