UK: London Police Searching for Rape Ape Who Targets Female Dog Walkers

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2019

Walking a dog must be a miserable experience for white people of both sexes in London.

First, a gang of Pakis approach you and tell you that this is a Sharia-controlled zone, and that dogs are banned from the premises.

Then, after apologizing profusely to the Pakis and promising you’ll never take your dog out again, a wild nigger springs out of the bushes and rapes you.

Where’s the joy in that?

Evening Standard:

Police are hunting a suspected serial sex attacker who targets lone women walking dogs in a London park.

Officers are investigating six attacks on women aged between their early thirties and mid sixties — five of whom were with dogs — at South Norwood Country Park.

Four women were sexually assaulted, and in four cases the attacker stole or tried to steal their phones.

The first attack was on May 3 and the latest on Friday. Two were just 15 minutes apart, and all took place in daylight between 10.50am and 4.30pm.

A Met spokesman said the suspect is described as a black male, aged between 16 and 25, tall, thin and with dark hair.

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