UK: Live by the Boom, Die by the Boom

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2018

This Boomer had a novel strategy for avoiding the cultural enrichment that was squaring up straight against him. He tried to rely on his Boomer ageism and privilege to get out of an active reparations negotiation with a colored gentleman.

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a thug attacks a terrified pensioner as the old man begs for mercy on a residential street in Birmingham.

The distressing clip shows the attacker grab the elderly man and violently throw him to the ground leaving his victim on the floor groaning in pain.

The appalling attack, filmed in the leafy suburb of Moseley, Birmingham, is believed to have taken place on October 16 and the video shared across social media.

The video is here.

Basically, the old man gets thrown to the ground for no reason whatsoever by an urban youth.

I suppose I shouldn’t make too much fun.

Who knows, maybe he was too poor to be able to move away from Birmingham to safety.

I do not have enough information to make a call in this specific instance.

I do, however, know how most Boomers interact with colored individuals. 

Most of them have this complete disregard for their own personal safety. It is a remarkable sight, but one you see quite often. Boomers relaxing around blacks. 

Just look at her, walking up to a group of niggers and trying to reason with them.

Not a care in the world. Entitled. Coddled. Not ready for what comes next. And then, she lets the kid go. Drops charges. So that he can harass another person. All because she decided that she wanted to say the right words for the camera and get her 15 seconds of fame on the TV that she worships/is addicted to.

Me, I keep a wide berth of most niggers.

And by wide, I mean I won’t even go on any public transportation car if it is more than exactly 25.6% blacks.

But… I always hear stories from Boomers about how the blacks don’t bother them, how they treat the blacks with respect and get respect back or how they act like they don’t fucking know what I’m talking about when I ask about crime in their country, state, city.


Long story short, this particular UK Boomer was caught relaxing. This is not particularly surprising. The platonic Boomer’s whole life has been one big relaxing walk in the park.

Only today, there was a nigger along his road. He did not know what to do. He got body slammed into the pavement. And because he’s a Boomer, he probably didn’t even learn his lesson.