UK: Gud Boi Doggo Accused of HATE CRIME – No! NO! Bad Doggo!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

They may look innocent…

Schlop schlop schlop 

But inside, they are seething with hate.

Daily Mail:

We all know it’s irritating, unsightly and unhygienic, but one case of dog fouling has been logged by police as a racist hate crime.

A description of the dog fouling incident reads: ‘An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident.’

Actually, this article is quite illuminating.

It starts out talking about dog shit and then moves on to a report on Hate Crime. A seamless transition. See, you gotta be clever in the Occupied Isles with how you write. Let the reader enjoy the subtle association as you smile and wave to the ever-watchful censors.

“Nuthin’ ‘ere to see, guvna!”

But wow, man. Check out this list of hate:

Another canine-related case logged as an alleged hate crime says: ‘Suspect’s dog barking at victim.’

On another occasion, a supposed victim of racial abuse reported that he ‘believes a letter addressed to him was opened and then resealed before he had collected it from the Post Office’.

Several of the claims were over parking disputes or car crashes. One entry says: ‘Unknown suspect has reversed into victim’s car causing extensive damage. Victim perceives to be a hate crime as she had a poppy in front of her car.’

Another man claimed that his neighbours were parking only outside his house and were ‘targeting him due to him being black’. Disputes between neighbours feature prominently. One entry says: ‘Victim on hearing her neighbours in their house has put her ear up to their door to hear what they are talking about. In a conversation they have referred to her as [redacted] and made remarks of trying to get her moved out.’

Another reads: ‘Witness has had parking issues with her next-door neighbour, their children apparently throw stones and balls over the garden fence. Witness has recently found a dead rat in garden and perceives this to be racist.

On another occasion, a resident in a block of flats reported that a neighbour was racially abusing them by ‘smoking heavily’.

Meanwhile, an angry father called police after his daughter lost a tennis match to complain the defeat was due to a racist umpire. ‘Informant feels his daughter was subjected to racial discrimination at a tennis match where line calls went against her,’ the incident log reads.

Current rules mean police have to record any allegation described as motivated by prejudice as a hate incident, even if it is insufficiently serious to be regarded as a crime.

Wow. Those all sound like reasonable complaints to level at White Britons. Not at all motivated by racial loathing and enabled by an Orwellian Deep Jew State at all! I wonder if all these people accused of smoking and walking dogs and parking cars racistly know that they are now on the record. I assume that this means that in a future court case, these records can be pulled-up and used against them.

Imagine a quintessentially British court proceeding.

Prosecution: “Oi, yer ‘onor, dis-un ‘ere’s got a racist record!”

Judge: WUT!? Give it ‘ere! *peruses citation* Roit, you cheeky lit’l facka! Off to re-educayshion wit u, innit!

Also, the reason that brown people don’t like dogs is that dogs don’t like them.

Doggos have always loyally served as the White man’s war animal.

Lol. Even this little guy. He makes up in spirit what he lacks in mass.

Some dogs are literally bred to be a White man’s bioweapon.

So actually, the drive to replace real dogs with chihuahuas is actually part of a sinister Jew plot to weaken the physical defenses of your average White home.

Like all Jew plots, this one went through White wahmen as well.

And Moslems want to weaken White men just so.

Eventually, they’re going to say that owning a dog at all is HARAM and a Hate Crime – which is basically the same thing.

Seriously. The UK is already under Jizya because the White Briton has to subsidize the Moslem invader’s family, build his mosques and not blaspheme against Muhammed and his brown pets.

Soon they will take away the Britons’ pets. 

There are going to be dog-free zones that extend across entire Moslem-controlled towns. Every bark will add one month of time served for hate for the owners if overheard by Moslems or the police.