UK: “Goysplaining” Must be Abolished

Daily Stormer
October 18, 2016


Hear that, goy? Hating Jews isn’t cool. Not even with an awesome retrowave soundtrack and neon graphics.

Isn’t it sick how all these insolent goyim will refuse to own up to their hatreds when a good Jew complains about anti-semitism?

It’s about time we shut their stupid mouths for good.

Jewish Daily Forward:

The anti-Semitism report by the British Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee is a fascinating document in many ways. For a start, it’s one of a kind. No parliament has ever published such a detailed and reasoned report on the hatred of Jews in its own country.

What makes it even more unique is that Britain, according to a number of surveys, is the least anti-Semitic of any European country with a significant Jewish community. The report seriously tackles one of the most difficult questions in 21st-century political discourse – how to define anti-Semitism when it is more often disguised as anti-Zionism.

And though for most of its work the committee was chaired by a Labour Party MP and had other Labour MPs sitting on it, the panel unanimously endorsed conclusions criticizing both Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his handpicked investigator into anti-Semitism in the party, Shami Chakrabarti, for failing to address the issue.


These skypes better stop messin’ with fuerher Corbyn, or they’ll get a taste of zyklon B.

I guess it’s not enough to have laws making it illegal to deny the holocaust. It’s not enough to have hate-speech laws. It’s not enough to put anyone questioning Jews in jail, like the hero Garon Helm.

No, we must do more.

The report states what should be obvious but sadly is not – that the starting point for any discussion on anti-Semitism should be what the Jewish community and Jews themselves feel is anti-Semitic. This is important because unlike other forms of racism and bias against ethnic minorities, gay people and women, the subjective opinion of the targeted group has not been taken into consideration.

In other words, Jews want a situation in which a Jew’s subjective feelings are justification enough to send anyone they don’t like in jail. Because, make no mistake, Jewish feelings are already enough to destroy someone’s career and reputation. If they want more than that, they can only mean legal sanctions.


The skypes presumaly have something like this in mind for anti-semites.

Instead, with Jews there is all too often a tendency toward “goysplaining,” where non-Jews condescendingly explain to Jews why they are wrong at being offended. No other minority is treated in such a fashion, and this report, which categorically states that Jews should also be allowed to flag what constitutes anti-Jewish speech in their eyes, is a landmark document.

Which leads to another important conclusion – that while “it is not antisemitic to hold the Israeli Government to the same standards as other liberal democracies,” the word “Zionist” is all too often nowadays “used as a proxy for the word ‘Jew.’” …“[T]he word ‘Zionist’ (or worse, ‘Zio’) as a term of abuse, however, has no place in a civilised society. It has been tarnished by its repeated use in antisemitic and aggressive contexts. Antisemites frequently use the word ‘Zionist’ when they are in fact referring to Jews, whether in Israel or elsewhere.

You know what? I agree.

It’s time to stop “goysplaining.”

It’s time to proudly say: “Yes, I hate you filthy kikes! I hate all that you’re doing to destroy our nation, and frankly, it’s time to round you all up!”

And the more the Jews push their unhinged agenda of censorship, the closer the goyim are getting to that point.


Keep pushing, Kikes. Keep pushing.