UK: First Sex Doll Brothel/Shop is a Hit!

Daily Stormer
January 24, 2017

Still better than fucking a fat woman, I guess…

Wew… If these were like, actual sexbots that you couldn’t tell apart at a glance from a real woman, I’d sorta understand, but that’s not what these are.

They are literal dolls, who look like dolls and act like dolls (as in – they do nothing) and lotsa men want these.

Those are degenerates of course, but it’s still mainly women’s fault for being brainwashed by the kikes to the point where too many of them are unbearable to even be around, and more and more men start looking at overgrown Barbies as alternatives.


The UK’s first sex doll brothel has opened – and it is quite something.

Lovedoll UK opened the service after realising their customer’s wanted to ‘try before they buy’ the £2,000 dolls.

So for £100, people can now spend an hour with a plastic partner in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

So either some poor slob is cleaning these for minimum wage OR nobody’s cleaning them at all.

Just a heads up to anyone thinking about going on a trial.

Each room in the ‘brothel’, which is situated on an industrial estate, comes complete with a double bed, lubrication, condoms and of course the manikin.

Sounds like paradise.

And if clients enjoy the service, they’re then able to purchase their own doll (which can be designed to look like a partner, crush or a celebrity).

Does Anne Frank count as a celebrity?

If so, I’m totally getting one of these.

“Say oy vey for daddy, you little kike bitch!”

Graham, the owner of Lovedoll UK, said that the opening of the brothel has left ‘real life escorts’ concerned that they may be put out of business.

The 40-year-old said: ‘I have spoken to escort services before about bringing sex dolls into brothels – but they are scared.


‘I don’t know why they are, it may just require more of a vision than they have. It is more efficient – the sex dolls can pretty much run themselves.

‘Maybe they just don’t think that it’s viable, or that it would put real life escorts out of business.

‘If I found somewhere that was open enough to consider it then I would think about selling them a couple of my dolls.

Not everyone can be as visionary as guys who rent out humanoid cum buckets…

 ‘70% of guys aren’t bothered that the dolls have been used before.’



tfw you can’t even keep a plastic woman just for yourself

Graham says it is not just men who take an interest in the lifelike lovers.

In fact, many of his customers are women who make purchases in a bid to keep their husbands from cheating.


Because it’s easier than not being fat and obnoxious!

He also explained that men who find themselves in the ‘friendzone’ sometimes bring him photographs of their crushes for him to model a doll on.

That sounds perfectly healthy and sane.

He added: ‘I always knew that sex dolls were going to be normalised.

‘Some guys will buy one and some guys will get a whole harem of dolls.

‘Some men keep them for 24 hours and sell them straight back but some might keep them for 10 years and get married to them.

The company stocks an array of female dolls which can be chosen by body shape, breast size, and height.

Graham has now started to stock a range of male dolls which come with either a six or seven inch penis.

Yeah, that’s not gonna work.

Women don’t care about dicks per se, they care about attention and signalling, and chunks of plastic can’t really do that.

If any of you guys reading this are so desperate that you think this is a good idea – here’s a better one: get in shape, have more money than a hobo and be reasonably aggressive (or at least fake it) and 90% of all women are within reach. At least for an hour or two.

Top Comments

  1. Brand new and unused, how drunk would you have to be?

  2. I wish normies would also long for the days when we go back to traditional marriage and refrain from degenerate sex. It’s just so difficult sometimes to get them off of their blue pill prescription.

  3. Zaros says:

    If they can make one with a realistic rape scream I’m in

  4. annefrankFL
    save your shekels, faggots, and pick up the anne frank fleshlight. kosher af AND more bang for the shekel.

  5. Wayne says:

    For £100 you can get “escort”. Who can or is willing to pay £100 to fuck sex doll, he can afford to fuck for money real woman from blood and flesh. It’s something more than meets the eye.

    All of this because of pussy? Maybe in old times when women had value for not being sluts to be worth the struggle, today they are nothing but cum buckets thinking high of themselves. Those let’s say 1-5 scale women think they deserve 6-10 scale men.

    Get in shape first and foremost because of health. Have more money to live better and healthier life. Be agressive when necessary not because of cunts but because of yourself.

    I’ve got better idea, pay a hooker, less drama, power and mind games.

  6. Alright now, I am pissed.
    I mean, I am not exactly a lady’s man and I’d rarely get some but still that would never push me over this edge, to screw an object.

    This is sad, disgusting, degenerate, did I say disgusting already? It’s horrible!!!
    Listen if you have a friend who uses this crap, do him a favour and beat some sense into him.
    That’s what friends are there for, sometimes.

    Protect your bros and stay away from this insanety.
    Even if you just want to try, out of curiousity.
    I believe that it might even have a negative psychological impact.
    It might rob you of confidence to to talk to a woman ever again.
    Avoid this like you would avoid the groid!!!

  7. Imagine ejaculating into a fake plastic vaginas and then staring into two dead plastic eyes, the illusion broken. That’s gotta be the saddest shit in the world. What the fuck have we come to?

  8. What’s next?
    Mocking guys for playin’ the vidya, instead of being “real men” and going out to play sportsball?

    This is Return of Kings tier PUA shit that reads like it was written by a 12 year old whose dream is to be an Alpha Beta frat boy.

    Any man who can pull his head out of his ass knows that a sex doll is better than most women.
    It’s eyes are actually less dead.
    It doesn’t have BO.
    It doesn’t have kids or sue for child support.
    It’s doesn’t have herpes.
    You know where it is and what it’s doing.
    It’s cheaper.
    It’s not going to bore the shit out of you talking.
    It doesn’t look like cheese and roast beef in a catcher’s mitt.
    The doll isn’t jealous, doesn’t have whore friends, doesn’t move your shit around, doesn’t try to redecorate, won’t wreck your car, doesn’t text, and will never “forget” to take a pill.

    It is pure BULLSHIT that all a guy has to do is be employed, work out and be aggressive and most women are in his reach.
    You forgot to tell us to just be ourselves.
    (If you get women with this approach, congrats, you are the lucky exception. You’re like a guy making a living off lottery tickets, good for you, but don’t offer up financial advice.)

    The fucking truth that most men are too fucking weak to accept is that they are NOT, and NEVER EVER will be desirable to women as anything other than as an ATM. And most of us fail at that.
    Man up and fucking deal.

    The other truth no one seems interested in accepting is that pussy and women are beyond overrated.

    Women are good for one thing: making babies.

    Women suck at housekeeping.
    Women suck at cooking.
    Women suck at parenting.
    Women suck as friends.
    Women suck as company.
    Women suck as sex partners. (Starfishing, anyone? Porn satire?)

    This is because women are flighty, stupid, selfish, and trivial.

    nb4 I’m called a virgin or a boy.
    I’m one of the older guys that post on here. I’ve been married. I’m a father. My experiences with women are broad and numerous. My conversations with men ruined by women are legion.

    I long ago gave up on women.
    They. Are. Not. Worth. It.

    Bikers have a saying, “It’s not IF you lay down your bike, it’s when.”
    As it is with motorcycles, as it is with women. If you play with fire enough, your ass is gonna get burned. She’s “hot,” remember?

    Women are women. Women will be women.
    You cannot do anything about this.
    She will cuck you if she can.
    She will rob you if she can.

    Women will steal your children, let you see the once a month during a supervised visit at McDonald’s, and then let the nigger she is fucking murder them.

    Women are dead inside and DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. It sucks. Deal.
    We all know this shit is true.

    But somehow a guy wanting to jerk off with a simulacrum of a women has a problem???

    Jesus fuck.
    Are you fucking shitting me?
    The pussies telling men to vape instead of smoking are going to seriously advocate against men jerking off safely, and tell them to bang thots instead?

    Beyond pussy whipped.

    I bought a Fleshlight for Christmas. It’s like jerking off with a thermos. It’s also more enjoyable and less degrading than the last woman I was with.

    Come back and write about this stuff again when you got another decade or two under your belt.

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