UK: Fat Lesbian Bitch Challenges “Auschwitz Again” Corbyn’s Labour Party Leadership

Daily Stormer
July 11, 2016


Trying to control a party? How about you start by controlling your calorie intake, bitch?

Once again underlining the problem with allowing women to partake in the political process, the famous anti-Semite and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is in the middle of a leadership challenge coming from a certain Angela Eagle.

What is it with fat politicians named Angela?


Angela Eagle has said her Labour leadership challenge is a bid to “heal the party”, as leader Jeremy Corbyn urged her to “think again”.

“This isn’t about splitting, this is about reuniting our party,” she said.

Mr Corbyn, who was elected by Labour members but is now opposed by many of his own MPs, said he was “disappointed” but would fight the challenge.

Mr Corbyn has faced dozens of resignations from his front bench in the weeks since the EU referendum.

He had been accused of failing to win over Labour voters to the Remain side and many of his MPs feel he would not lead the party to victory, should there be a snap general election following David Cameron’s decision to resign as prime minister.

Maybe he let the “remain” side win because he can’t fulfill his ambition to gas the kikes until the UK leaves the EU, huh? Don’t you retards get that this is all part of the plan?


Corbyn is playing the long game, having infiltrated the Labour party for 30 years in order to finally implement his master plan.

Oh well, I don’t know what’s going to happen in Britain now. Both the Labour and Tory parties are complete crap, and now that Nigel has quit the UKIP party, there probably isn’t any third party strong enough to win.

I guess it’ll be down to our activists to take back Britain after all.

Oh, and some more details about this Angela Eagle character:

Profile: Angela Eagle

  • First elected as MP for Wallasey in 1992, Ms Eagle was one of the youngest MPs in Parliament at age 31.
  • The Yorkshire-born MP was comprehensive-school educated before going to Oxford University to read philosophy, politics and economics. She was also under-18s British chess champion.
  • She has a twin sister, Maria, and is older by 15 minutes. They are the first set of twins to be elected as MPs and later became the first twins serving as ministers of state.
  • Ms Eagle was one of the first openly gay female MPs, when she came out in 1997.

In other words, she’s a degenerate lesbo who’s never held a real job in her life and graduated in social studies.

Watch out, Mama Merkel, you’ve got some competition on the way!