UK Diversity Wars: Moslem Parents Revolt Against LGBT Equality Classes in School

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

Fatima Shah, concerned Muslim mother fighting against faggotry.

Diversity is our strength because when you bring together very different people and they start fighting over their differences and killing each other, eventually only the strongest survives, and by “strongest” I mean “the one who isn’t sedated and anesthetized by hundreds of years of Jewish social engineering.”

Daily Mail:

A school has defended teaching pupils about homosexuality after religious parents signed a petition for the subject to be dropped.

Up to 400 predominantly Muslim parents signed up, with some even taking their children out of the primary school.

They are protesting against the No Outsiders In Our School programme, which is taught as part of sex and relationship lessons to promote LGBT equality and challenge homophobia at school.

Sure, the Moslem and sin-skinned takeover of our countries is terrible, but you have to admit that sometimes you laugh. Maybe because you’d have to either laugh or cry, or maybe because it’s actually funny.

Still, this is laugh-inducing.

These “refugees welcome” people thought they could flood our countries with very different people with very different values and very different ideas and have them coexist with them and many others in some kind of open-border utopia where even the grass turned brown.

Andrew Moffat, assistant head teacher of Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, said he had been threatened in a leaflet handed out by campaigners.

Mr Moffat, who is gay, said he faced angry protests by parents who gathered at the school gates.

A similar dispute with Muslim and Christian parents in December 2013 forced him to resign from another primary school in Birmingham.

He has a good track record, then.

Andrew Moffat, professional faggot.

Letting homosexuals near children though… some people never learn.

The programme involves five lessons a year for children aged from four to 11, in which they read books about same-sex marriages.

Parent Fatima Shah pulled her ten-year-old daughter out of the school, saying it was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘totally wrong’.

Her daughter has now returned to the school, which is rated as outstanding by Ofsted, but she said she would continue to fight against the programme. She told The Guardian: ‘Children are being told it’s OK to be gay, yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim.

It’s a Muslim community. He said all parents are on board with it, but the reality is no parents are on board with it.’


That right there is the real news. An almost Moslem-exclusive school in Birmingham with Moslem parents straight-out stating “this is a Moslem community.” Goodbye, Britain.


There’s no coming back from that. There is no going back now for the United Kingdom. Remaining white people of good character should flee as soon as possible.

Miss Shah added that the local community’s concerns were not being taken on board, adding: ‘We have nothing against Mr Moffat – we are as British as they come.

The irony is that they’re not really wrong now. The British people, the true British people that is, have chosen to fade out. They’ve chosen Oblivion, and opened up their gates to the Hordes of Chaos, and now Chaos is a very real part of Britain.

‘We respect the British values… but the problem is, he is not respecting our ethos as a community. We don’t send our children to school to learn about LGBT. We send them to school to learn maths, science and English.’

When the invaders are the voice of reason in your own country, maybe you’ve gone down the wrong path. Maybe it’s time to pause and reconsider. Maybe.

Mr Moffat said most parent feedback had been positive and that concerns had only been expressed by a ‘very small minority’.

Mr Moffat added: ‘I’m just teaching children from an early age that there are different families.

In some schools there are children with two mums.

We want all children in Birmingham to know that their family is normal, that their family is accepted and welcomed in schools.’

That’s not how “normal” works. If everything is normal, what’s the point of having a concept of “normal”? They really want to make people believe that degeneracy is normal, and they want to start doing it as early as possible. In this case, by brainwashing young children in school.

You can’t have “two mums” because you can’t go through two vaginas simultaneously on birth. Words have meaning, and they’re attacking their meaning and perverting everything.

Just as “marriage” has been corrupted. What’s the point of marriage? Really, have any of these faggots ever asked themselves that question? What do they think marriage is and what do they think marriage is for? Do they really think marriage is “just a thing you do with the person you love”?

Yes, faggots, marriage is really just the Church and/or government officially endorsing how much you love a person. It has nothing to do with effectively harnessing the drive of most of men to create civilization and truly great things, it has nothing to do with generating offspring, it has nothing to do with keeping women from tearing it all down and destroying the world, and it certainly has nothing to do with the word “contract.”

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  1. which side liberals und leftist scum will share?.. tough choice…

  2. In one sense, Thatcher was right

    That was when she brought in the section 28 law which Tony Blair’s Labour government repealed during the 2000’s.

    Also you can lawfully take your child out of lessons by quoting this law to the school.

    Education Act 1996, section 9

    Pupils to be educated in accordance with parents’ wishes.

    In exercising or performing all their respective powers and duties under the Education Acts, the Secretary of State and local authorities shall have regard to the general principle that pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents, so far as that is compatible with the provision of efficient instruction and training and the avoidance of unreasonable public expenditure.

    Geographical extent: England and Wales

    Education (Scotland) Act 1980, Section 28

    Pupils to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents.

    (1) In the exercise and performance of their powers and duties under this Act, the Secretary of State and education authorities shall have regard to the general principle that, so far as is compatible with the provision of suitable instruction and training and the avoidance of unreasonable public expenditure, pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents.

    Geographical extent: Scotland

    And in Pakistan…

  3. Mfw I don’t know who’s side to choose


  4. I’m stealing this, thanks Pomidor.

  5. I’m with the smelly curry loving pakis on this one.

  6. As Satan is said to be the monkey of God, he is mocking everything that God created. He is making a counter kingdom where all the institutes will be be present but with a minus sign in front. Children will be killed in hospitals and schools will be used to spread lies and misery. Churches will be there to worship Satan, and the police will let criminals do their business while incarcerating innocent people. Marriage will be about two obnoxious abominations engaging in filthy acts of depravity and they will be used to sodomise children who will be taken away from their families because of “crimes of normality”. This wickedness is already taking place. Hell broke loose and all the demons are out hunting and murdering. The damage they are doing is growing exponentially. Wickedness breaks new unimaginable records every day,

    It’s interesting to note that the reality of “refugees welcome” consists of nothing more than narcissism and racism. They want these people here because looking down at these apes satisfies their need to feel superior to someone. They think that these lower classes of apeman and apewomen will look at them as their saviours, as their masters, and they can show off their cultural superiority to them and make them accept their wickedness as core values. However, directly the opposite happens as the newly arrived monkeymen are ontologicly much higher than the JudeoSatanic shitlibs , so instead of accepting their ideals of faggotism, drugs, satanism, child molestation etc… , they will revolt against them.

    And therefore I am 100% sure that in 15-20 years we will how high a faggot child molester will bounce off the ground as the local branch of Islamic State will cast them and their shitlibs down from the top of the Shard. I already have my pop-corn and soda stocked up for that event.

  7. Muslims are great for two things! Killing Jews and killing queers! In the Muslim countries, queers are thrown from rooftops of tall buildings. It’s part of a science experiment to see if fairies can fly.

  8. Four to eleven. But no, they aren’t trying to corrupt children. Just teach them. :rage:

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