UK: Disgustingly Obese Couple Banned by Taxi Firm for Breaking Suspensions on Their Cars

Daily Stormer
May 11, 2018

Really made me wanna check my gravity privilege

What is the argument for permitting creatures like this to exist?

“People” smaller than this moron used to work at freak shows, and now they’re everywhere, and they haven’t a shred of shame between them.

Any society that tolerates this should burn to the ground.


A 36-stone manand his girlfriend have been banned from using a local taxi firm after drivers claimed he broke the suspension of two different cars.

For those of you not familiar with this weird stone crap, 36 stone (500 pounds) is around 230 kilograms, almost a quarter of a ton and just 30 kilograms away from the heaviest sumo wrestler in history, who is taller and presumably has a ton of muscle hidden under all that lard.

Why is it illegal to harpoon these freaks?

If you weigh as much as a small whale, common sense dictates you have to be harpooned.

I don’t understand why that is a controversial statement.

 Marcus Edwards and Taylor Faulkner, who herself weighs 19 stone, have accused the company of ‘discrimination against larger possible’.


What the fuck does that even mean?

All that fat must be clogging his worthless brain.

BTW, 19 stone (265 pounds) = 120 kilograms

The couple from Birmingham relied on Centrex Cars to provide lifts to and from Marcus’ mother Sharon’s house as often as four times a day.

And they only learned of the ban when they called the company, only to be told no vehicles were available and they should try another firm.

Or maybe they should try walking once in a while, disgusting vermin.

I listen to stuff like this when I work out, it motivates me to never become a disgusting subhuman

Marcus, 29, told The Sun: ‘I don’t believe I have knackered two cars’ suspensions but I think they just don’t want a person of my size around them.



Can you imagine the stench of this thing, and being locked up with it in a small space?

They should realise I suffer from a disease called obesity. After all the money we have spent with them they should be ashamed.’

No, the disease you suffer from is called degeneracy, of which obesity is just one symptom.

Having the nerve to tell people to fell ashamed of something when you’ve degraded to this state is another one.

The couple, who tip the scales at 55 stone between them, say they are obese due to medical reasons.


There is no disease that causes you to turn into a walrus.

There are medical problems that can make you fatter, or make it harder to lose weight or harder to exercise or harder to keep a proper diet, but there is absolutely no medical reason for anyone to get like that.

Those diseases have been around for the entirety of human history, but “people” this monstrously fat never existed before the 20th century.

This “I’m a walrus because of a medical condition” is a lie, period.

Marcus suffers from cellulitis on both legs, clots on his lung and heart and body fluid problems, while Taylor has epilepsy.

None of those problems make you obese, all of them except for the epilepsy are caused by being obese.

 A spokesman for Centrex Cars said: ‘It is wrong to say we banned him but the simple fact is we just do not have a car available that is big enough for him.He has got larger.’

Of course he got larger, why wouldn’t he?

It’s easier than fasting, not eating junk food and working out a couple of times a week, which is really all you need to not be obese if not actually fit.

There is absolutely no excuse for ending up like this, and whenever you see one of these things lumbering around among human beings, just remember – anyone who got to that state is even worse on the inside than on the outside.

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