UK: Cuck Cops Terrorized by Vibrant Vespa-Riding Vigilante

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

The police seem to have just given up the fight against the Vibrancy.

The video depicts what appears to be a random migrant on a scooter just attacking the police car and then chasing it down when the police officer begins to flee. There is no shortage of videos up on YouTube of cops getting harassed and attacked by Vibrants and being forced to retreat with their tails tucked between their legs.

This one (from last year) appears to show a burning roadblock that forces the police van to go down a street where people armed with fireworks just unload on the car, forcing it to speed away.

The sheer nerve of telling people that there is no such thing as “no-go” zones when people have cameras and can just upload the content on the interwebs is simply shocking.

Who are the people supposed to believe? The lying coppers or the video evidence that we can see with our own eyes?

Clearly, the police are simply losing control of entire sections of major cities that have high concentration of Vibrants and they’re trying to cover up this fact by yelling, “RACISM” at the public and arresting people who criticize them for not doing their job and whining, just ceaselessly whining that they’re being treated poorly.

In America, when Black Lives Matter was in the streets, a lot of people were cheering for the cops to crack skulls because it seemed like a proxy race conflict. But more and more, the public is getting serious cop fatigue, everywhere in the West.

And the cops are between a rock and a hard place here, when you think about it.

On the one hand, the Vibrants and the liberals hate the Police because they consider them to be Fascist and Nazis. And on the other hand, White people are getting increasingly irate and fed up with their bumbling incompetence and kiddy glove treatment of criminals. White people are now coming up to the cops and calling them dickhead bitches to their face because they are so shitty and unaccountable and absolutely useless.

If the police refuse to keep the public safe and instead spend their time harassing people online and writing speeding tickets to suburban commuters trying to get to work on time, then it is clear that we do not need the police anymore.

It is clear now that the police exist to protect the Vibrants from us, not us from the Vibrancy.

Most people are not ready to accept this reality just yet, but next time we have a Ferguson moment in either America or Europe, it is almost certain that the police will back down to give the rioters space to destroy.

Once this happens, the new reality will click with White people. 

Shit is just falling apart, everywhere.