UK: Couple Convicted of Being Members of Banned Protest Group

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2018

The UK has Moslems running around with ISIS flags talking about a violent Islamic takeover of the country.

Anjem Choudary – an evangelical street Moslem – was convicted of encouraging people to join ISIS and helping them get to Syria to join, and he was released early last month after serving only half of a five and a half year sentence. His group itself was never banned.

National Action is a white activist group who argues that Britain should be taken over by the British – that is, that the pre-war demographics of the country should be restored. They never supported or engaged in terrorism – all they did was protest.

The group was banned and members sent to prison for being terrorists. Because the antifa claim that pro-white ideas are a form of violence and terrorism is state policy on Cuck Island.

The Cuck Island Fun Police are continuing to round-up anyone associated with the group and lock them up.


A couple who named their baby after Adolf Hitler have been found guilty of being members of a banned terrorist group.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, from Banbury, along with Daniel Bogunovic, 27, from Leicester, were convicted of being in National Action.

Birmingham Crown Court heard the couple gave their child the middle name Adolf in honour of the Nazi leader.

Jurors saw images of Thomas in Ku Klux Klan robes while cradling his baby.

The Neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action, founded in 2013, was outlawed under anti-terror legislation three years later after it celebrated the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

Again, just to be clear here: they never were caught with any weapons (other than knives, lol), never caught planning any terrorist attacks, never accused of doing violence or planning violence, nothing.

They are labeled a terrorist group by both the government and the British media because their ideas are allegedly terrorizing.

Prosecutors said the Midlands chapter of the group “shed one skin for another” and “rebranded” after being banned.

They said the case was about “a specific type of terror… born out of fanatical and tribal belief in white supremacy”.

Thomas told the court that the pictures showing him wearing KKK clothing were “just play”, but he admitted being a racist.

As I’ve said before when covering this case – yes, the kid is goofy.

He’s got a kid with a woman twice his age, he gave his son the middle name “Adolf,” and these pictures he took are hella cringe, even if they were intended to be ironic.

I’m Mr. Good Optics, and I don’t approve of this sort of thing – but it’s whatever. No one was hurt by these photos, this is not terrorism.

But they’re basically convicting him on these cringy photos.

Surely he’s not as cringy as Choudary’s ginger convert.

If we’re locking people up for cringe, that lad deserves three consecutive life sentences.

The Sick Fact

The sick fact of the matter is that I can mock Britain over this, but the exact same thing is happening in the United States.

What the Justice Department has done to RAM and the Proud Boys is not different than what the Brits have done to National Action. They just did it in a more roundabout, convoluted, confusing way.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the government just declares you a terrorist group because of your ideas, or if the government sends their Antifa agents to attack you then claims you’re a gang for defending yourself.

It might in fact be better to be in the British situation – at least they know where they stand. Americans are told they have freedom of speech, and they don’t realize they don’t have it until they cross a certain line.

We might have a little bit more freedom in America than in Western Europe – but just barely. As you’ve seen with this website, with Alex Jones and with Gab, freedom of speech is as much of a myth as freedom of assembly. They just come up with these confusing ways to silence you on ostensible technicalities.

Understand this: none of us are free.

And the only way any of us are going to be free is if we all are.

We must function as a United Transnational White Liberation Front.

Top Comments

  1. Why were the jurors cradling his baby?

  2. Because the English are no longer allowed to have any tribal beliefs, or be fanatical about anything other than football. This is because the English are officially no longer a tribe, but are part of the British identity™, which is now just a Rothschild economic construct. Anyone can be “British” - it just requires getting a maroon-coloured passport, which appear to come free in packs of cornflakes.

    Also this guy proves that it’s true what they say -

    the gingers always go with the conquerors.

  3. After “fake News” we now have Fake crimes it’s just another step too far on cuck island.

  4. Finnish guy with impeccable service in British army got 8 years sentence the same day for having a CS gas canister and a couple of knives.

    Pavlos Panyai QC, the soldier’s barrister, told the trial jury it was “not in dispute he is a racist” but it was not criminal, by itself, to hold such views.

    So it’s not criminal to be racist. Whoopee. I’m sure he’ll reflect on that with an 8 year sentence.

  5. Jews really believe they can say “oh, it only left wing Jews doing this” and walk away from what they have done to people’s lives. Not this time, Jews!

  6. Donny says:

    I’ve talked to many white friends about the fact, that we, as whites are not allowed to.

    1. Celebrate our white heritage.
    2. Be proud of our race.
    3. Seek to uplift our race.
    4. Have our own countries for our race.

    We are expected to.

    1. Feel our race is bad.
    2. Seek to diminish the influence of our race.
    3. Work towards elimination of our race and countries for our race.

    Imagine if any other race was treated this way! All my friends agree that whites are the ultimate mistreated minority. I think if we could push this direction we could make a lot of headway - Just let whites have the same things everyone else wants.

  7. kirsti says:

    Children are taught from the age of five they must adhere to the ‘British Values’ that the government made up a while back. This is hammered into them for 10 years straight in there compulsory citizenship lessons. The main British Values are democracy and tolerating other peoples beliefs. It’s a sick joke.

  8. Yes, it’s funny how British Values™ are exactly the same as French Values™ are exactly the same as American Values™ are exactly the same as Canadian Values™ are the same as German Values™ are exactly the same as Australian Values™ are exactly the same as Irish Values™… it’s almost like these values are governed by the strength of the Rothschild Central Bank in the country concerned. Nah, that’s just a conspiracy theory. I’m sure the fact that these country all have identical values of hatred for their own people and heritage is just a coincidence.

  9. Ah, the absolute state of “English” journalistic writing, eh? :rofl:

    Can’t even use their own damn language right. Though it’s probably some kind streetshitter trying to disguise itself under a bowler hat, come to think of it.

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