UK: Catholic School Hires Moslem Teacher Who Can’t Even Read or Write

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

It has never been easier to be named “Ahmed” in the West.

Apparently, you just show up and get whatever job you apply for if you can control your rape/stab instinct for the length of the interview.

Daily Mail:

Struggling to read and write was not enough to stop a teacher getting a job at a top secondary school.

Faisal Ahmed was given the green light by elite teacher training program TeachFirst despite having ‘extreme difficulty with handwriting’, problems with reading and understanding ‘written tests’.

Just days into his new job at St Thomas More Catholic school in leafy Wood Green, north London, he was summoned by the headmaster and suspended, reported The Sun.

Think about how many normal people were passed on this job opportunity because a Catholic school had to hire a Moslem for… reasons.

In a gesture of his eternal gratitude, Ahmed tried to sue the school.

Mr Ahmed suffers from dyspraxia, a condition that affects co-ordination, and he told the headmaster Mark Rowland that he was unable to write for ‘more than a couple of minutes’ as his condition caused him too much pain.

Teach First recruits top graduates who are parachuted into schools while they study for a teaching qualification, with the organisation receiving millions in funding.

The scandal emerged when Mr Ahmed, who is in his 30s, sued the school for constructive dismissal and disability discrimination after he quit in anger. 

Let’s assume that we believe Ahmed here for a second.

Can you imagine having a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to be able to read and write and then choosing a reading and writing-heavy profession like being a teacher?

That sounds an awful lot like chutzpah, doesn’t it? More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion that these Arabs are just dumb Jews who didn’t get an IQ boost from skulking around in Europe for 2000 years, sending their women to seduce white men and steal their genetics.

Jews and ridiculous headwear go together

And yeah, Ahmed was able to get through the Teach First program with no problems.

Not that anyone needed any more proof that the academic system was thoroughly corrupt.

I’m just glad Ahmed got fired before he raped any of the boys. He was a ticking sex emergency waiting to happen.

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  1. I have come to understand why people would kill people of their own race over ideology now. These pieces of shit are so obsessed with selling out their people for some fantasy ideal foisted on them by the jew they are willing to endanger the children of their own ethnic group.

    These mentally ill retards who put their moral superiority over others need to be put to the sword. Arrogantly believing you are better than your own people is where all traitors come from.

  2. Yep: Welcome to Your Clown World.

  3. “Catholic in name only” or CINO

  4. Unfortunrately, most Catholic schools are like this now. There are effectively none that are run by racially aware people nowadays, and many are starting to cuck on homosexuality and other perversions. Abortion is basically the only thing they care about.

    I see people praise Catholic/private schools over public schools a lot here, but honestly, if you live in a majority-white, decent area, just send your kid to the public school. Private schools offer the same level of indoctrination.

  5. We have been repeatedly told that writing, grammar, and even time itself are racist. Hiring an illiterate moslem is an ideal way to demonstrate their superior anti racist dogma.

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