UK: Boot-Lipped Genetic Throwback Gets Life in Jail for Killing Second British Woman

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2019

Kasim Lewis.

Look at that hideous prehistoric visage.

Any First World country that grants citizenship to such racial trash has malicious intent for its native population – period.


A man who stabbed a woman to death weeks before he went on to kill a barmaid has been jailed for life.

The naked body of Catherine Burke, 55, was found at her north London home after what was described as a “sexually-inspired” murder.

At the Old Bailey Kasim Lewis, 32, admitted killing Ms Burke in Muswell Hill in November 2017.

Catherine Burke.

Lewis was already serving life for murdering 22-year-old Iuliana Tudos on her way home from work.

He was told he would serve a minimum of 40 years in prison for the second murder.

Ms Burke, a retired civil servant, had been bound and gagged and stabbed in the neck, back and stomach, the court heard.

On Christmas Eve 2017 Lewis had attacked 22-year-old Miss Tudos as she passed through Finsbury Park on her way home from a shift working at the World’s End pub in Camden, north London.

High on cocaine, cannabis and alcohol, Lewis had slashed Ms Tudos with a broken bottle. During the attack he extracted her PIN number and later withdrew cash from her account.

Lewis admitted Ms Tudos’s murder in May last year. DNA and other evidence linked him to the killing of Ms Burke.

Iuliana Tudos.

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