UK: 78-Year-Old Man Arrested on Suspicion of Murder for Killing Burglar in Self-Defense

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2018

It’s illegal to defend yourself from burglars in the United Kingdom.

The law doesn’t put it that way, of course, but that’s the reality. Every year, British citizens go to prison, often for years, because they had the audacity to strike back at burglars who were inside their homes helping themselves to their possessions.

The latest victim of this corrupt and insane system is a 78-year-old pensioner from London.

Evening Standard:

A pensioner has been arrested after stabbing to death a suspected armed burglar he confronted in his home early today.

The 78-year-old was asleep with his wife in their south London house when he heard noises and woke to challenge two men in the middle of a suspected break-in.

The homeowner was confronted by one of the intruders who was armed with a screwdriver and forced to retreat into his kitchen.

Police said there was a struggle in the kitchen and the 37-year-old suspected burglar sustained a stab wound to his chest. The man was rushed to hospital but died at 3.37am.

The second suspect – who police say was also armed – escaped and is being sought by police after the incident in Hither Green, south east London.

>Armed with a screwdriver

Is a screwdriver considered a weapon in the UK?

Silly question; of course it is.

When screwdrivers are outlawed, only outlaws have screwdrivers.

If he’s caught, perhaps the burglar who escaped could use that screwdriver in his defense. Like, hey, we weren’t planning to rob the place, we just wanted to partake in some nocturnal carpentry. :DDD

I’m sure Judge Talmudstein would side with him, too.

The homeowner suffered bruising to his arms but his condition is not thought to be serious.

He was initially arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm but re-arrested on suspicion of murder. He was in custody at a south London police today.

Yup, suspicion of murder. Not manslaughter.


The 78-year-old murdered that humble IKEA carpenter who broke into his house, goyim. He heard him break in, thought “oh boy! time for a bit of the old ultraviolence!”, waltzed down the stairs in his slippers and joyously stabbed the poor chap with his own screwdriver.

One of the badges found on the 78-year-old’s pajamas.

The pensioner will probably go to prison for his hate crime against this innocent burglar, but at least he’ll be in good company. British prisons are packed with the best people around: Alt-Righters who tweeted mean things about Moslems, YouTubers who taught their pugs to salute Hitler, teenagers who forgot to renew their puberty license, people who don’t believe that Jews are gods on Earth…

Frankly, there’s more sanity on the inside than on the outside.

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