UK: 2-Year-Olds Getting “Gender Fluidity Lessons” From Mentally Ill Men in Dresses

Daily Stormer
November 16, 2017

“There’s no such thing as biology, you silly goose!”

You guys know that next inevitable Moslem terrorist attack that no one could’ve foreseen?


The Sun:

NURSERY school toddlers are getting lessons from drag queens to teach them about “gender fluidity”.

Children as young as two are taught specially adap­ted songs by performers including Donna La Mode.

This is the creature:

Still haven’t had enough, huh?

Among ditties suggested for the London sessions is a version of Wheels on the Bus, which goes: “The skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish.”

Men in women’s clothes are teaching kids as young as two — including one who dressed as Alice in Wonderland — at seven Gov­ernment-funded nurseries to stop them committing hate crimes in later life.

Britain would’ve been better off as a slave state to the Third Reich.

Youngsters learn specially-adapted trans songs at the sessions and are told stories — one about a teddy bear which realises it is a girl and not a boy.

The Drag Queen Story Time classes are held by Bristol University law graduate Thomas Canham, 26. He hopes they will soon be rolled out across all 37 centres run by the London Early Years Foundation.

I was shocked to find out this Canham faggot is not a kike, since this is one of the kikiest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

 Among those delivering the lessons is Donna La Mode — dubbed The Fairy Queen of the drag world — who dressed as Alice to read to children at a Bristol community centre.

Mr Canham got the idea from the US and said an example of a song they might use was: “The skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish” — to the tune of kids’ favourite Wheels on the Bus.

America may not be anywhere as cucky as Britain, but goddamn it they’re still #1 in innovation! Must be from all those high-IQ Ashkenazals they have there.

He said of the drag queens: “It makes perfect sense. They’re performers, larger than life! It is exactly what children want.”


 Asked if tots were too young to learn of gen­der fluidity, he said: “We’re not aiming to pitch narratives, just introducing the concept of it existing.”

It only “exists” in the mind of mentally ill “people” like you.

But the problem isn’t with vermin like this.

It’s with the normal people who go along with it.

What kind of sick subhuman exposes his children to something like this?

What kind of sick, disgusting society tolerates this filth?

Britain may be the cuckiest country on the planet, but they’re just the tip of the cuckberg.

We live in a world that does not deserve to exist, and we should all suffer for permitting it to exist for as long as it has.

I can’t wait for the collapse…

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  1. Fluoride in water and BPAs are known to cause GENDER CONFUSION, I’ve read the covert depopulation poisoning meant to reduce birthrates (also causes sterility and diseases to shorten life) have increased GC from 4% to 15%!!!

    The Catholic church was taken over since the Borgias BY JEWS. The Vatican runs the covert global depopulation poisoning programs (Fluoride, BPAs, aluminum, vaccines, mercury-fructose, artificial sweeteners, GMOs etc.). But NOW the agenda is revealed, and as the transition is now bent to replacement reproduction, this is still WHITE GENOCIDE since Whites have already suffered the vast share of depopulation. So if a 2 child per woman policy is NOW implemented, with Africans to exceed 4 billion in a few decades and Whites at 8%, Whites will still be demographically crushed.

    This guy Kevin Galalae seems to be the man chosen to expose the agenda of global depopulation poisoning. In this way, only stupid people will continue to eat the poisons because even if told they’ll never “get it”, plus if a 2-child per female policy is promoted, Whites will still lose. The reason I don’t believe he is anything but a jewish vatican shill is that he repeatedly says that races are equal.
  2. They know that the global depopulation poisons are vastly increasing the gender confusion since they are endocrine disrupters in the fetus, so they were paving the way to gender confusion … confusion. The purpose is to lower birthrates.

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  5. What else should I say?

    I like to see solutions and action

  6. Wayne says:

    LGBTQ+ was never about “equality”, “human rights”, “love”, marriage whatnot, they are used as useful idiots of (((cultural-marxists))), judeo-masons to subvert white nations and destroy nuclear family. Now they target white children with degeneracy and people don’t react because they are affraid to be called -phobes something. Political correctness (defectness I call) take its toll, latest was murder of adopted 18 month old baby girl by sodomite.

  7. Wayne says:

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