Two New Jersey Gym Teachers Fired for Calling Students ‘Negroes’

Philip Caulfield
Daily News
October 18, 2013


Two gym teachers in northern New Jersey have been fired for calling black students “Negroes” while carping to each other in a locker room, a state commissioner said.

Brigitte Geiger and Sharon Jones, who taught for around three decades, were canned and had their tenure revoked after an investigation found they made racially charged comments about black students at Mount Olive High on March 2, 2012, reported.

Two students who overheard the pair told school officials Jones was grousing to Geiger in a locker room when she said, “Yea, those Negroes think they are tough (expletive),” reported.

“Yeah, that’s all they are, just a bunch of Negroes, Negroes, Negroes,” Geiger replied.

Office of Administrative Law Judge Tiffany Williams, who handled the case, said both teachers admitted they’d been frustrated with a group of black students in the past.

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