Turkey: Cops Find $72 Million Worth of Nuclear Material in a Car

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

I’m sure this isn’t related to a Jewish plot.

And in fact, people who think that is the case are actually driven by blind hatred for the Jewish people – AKA, they are Nazis.


Turkish police have taken five people into custody over the smuggling of a highly-radioactive substance used to build nuclear weapons and power nuclear reactors. The 18.1-gram haul was found in a car.

Police discovered a vial of the material after they pulled over a car in the northwestern Bolu province. The substance, believed to be californium, was found stashed under the gear stick wrapped in a bag. Officers had to cut the upholstery to get to the parcel, which is estimated to be worth US$72 million.

Five suspects were detained in the raid, and the mixture was taken to the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK) for a detailed analysis.

Californium is named after the place where it was synthesized back in 1950 – a laboratory at the University of California. Apart from being used to manufacture nukes and nuclear-powered reactors, the element also has a range of rather innocuous civilian applications. It can be used as part of metal detectors and is used in cancer treatment as well as oil, silver, and gold mining operations. Still, the substance is highly dangerous and its production, distribution, and transportation is restricted. Currently, only the US and Russia synthesize the isotope.

Basically, Nazis see this and they think “oh, it looks like the Jews are planning to set off a dirty bomb and blame it on Iran so that the orange man will be tricked into starting WWIII.”

But just as with all events that point to a Jewish conspiracy, this is simply pure coincidence.

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