Tucker Smashes It in First Show After the “Racist” Tape Drop

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

Fox hasn’t uploaded the clip, so you have to watch the beginning of this to see his comments: 

Tucker is going into TOTAL WAR mode against the people trying to destroy him by releasing funny clips of him on a talk show ten years ago talking about women and minorities.

Everyone is being shut down, he says – because of “wrongthink.”

“This is what an authoritarian society looks like. It’s a place where the group in charge will tolerate no disagreement at all.”

Of course it is.

I don’t know how anyone, anywhere can deny that at this point.

I guess that all of the sci-fi predicted that an authoritarian society would be right-wing. Or most of it did. A Brave New World was the most accurate, except that was showing a perfect version of what this society is trying to become. Anthony Burgess also had some good ideas. In particular, The Wanting Seed was very influential on me as a kid. That book, written in 1962, depicts active discrimination against heterosexuals, because the government is trying to stop people from breeding.

But certainly, all of the films – which have had a much bigger impact on culture – depict any authoritarianism as fundamentally right-wing.

The concept is so deeply ingrained that the soldiers of authoritarianism actually go out there and pretend like they are fighting against authority.

It’s bizarre to the point where you are left thunderstruck.

It’s hard to formulate words to explain a situation where people attacking you on the street because they disagree with your speech because it is unapproved by the government and corporations are claiming that they’re doing it fight to authoritarianism.

But that’s where we’re at.

Tucker goes into how this plot is being implement: by claiming that anyone who disagrees is evil.

And he blames the people responsible for that: the SPLC.

They categorize the Daily Stormer just like they categorize Tucker: as so evil that they can’t even be talked to, there is no obligation to discuss ideas with them, because all of their ideas are simply hatred. And so they have to be silenced.

If you go to the SPLC website, they aren’t refuting anyone’s claims.

They aren’t explaining why:

  • Diversity is our greatest strength
  • We should send billions to Israel
  • Jews are the single richest and most influncial group on earth, but are also somehow victims of the working class in the countries they rule
  • What the purpose of mass immigration actually is
  • etc.

None of our arguments are ever refuted, they simply call people names, or try to dig up some embarrassing personal thing to use as an insult. And then they call for everyone to be silenced because they’re pure evil.

Tucker connects the SPLC to Media Matters, which is the group trying to shut him down. Media Matters is a Soros group that basically just takes the information fed to them by the SPLC and applies it to talk show hosts. It’s a more specialized version of the SPLC.

And like the SPLC, its single goal is to silence dissent.

Imagine that groups like this are even allowed to exist.

Why, in an allegedly free society, do you have massive organizations – operating as non-profits and thus subsidized by taxpayers – that exist for the singular purpose of silencing people with ideas that they disagree with?

It is an insane concept.

If they have arguments against our ideas, then why don’t they use all of this money to put together refutations? To debate the ideas? Isn’t that the way an “open society” is supposed to function?

He also brings up the fact that the Jewish lesbian AG of Michigan, Dana Nessel, has pledged to work with the SPLC to silence anyone they want silenced, using the police.

This is the new model – they are just going to start putting anyone with politically incorrect thoughts in a police database, then figure out how to destroy them.

The Detroit News:

Combating hate crimes is a worthy endeavor. But the new campaign announced by Attorney General Dana Nessel has the real potential to morph into thought policing.

Nessel, in partnership with Agustin Arbulu, director of the Michigan Department of Civil rights, say they will create a process to document incidents of hate and bias that don’t rise to the level of criminal or civil infractions.

That could translate to speech or expressions of opinion that some may find offensive, but are protected by the First Amendment. Bias is protected by the Constitution until it infringes on the rights and freedoms of others, and hate is often in the eye of the beholder.

If what Nessel and Arbulu are targeting are words, thoughts and opinions, this could easily become a weapon to shut down groups they find abhorrent, but are operating within the law.

Tucker says: “Criticize the people in charge, and the SPLC will sic men with guns on you.”

And yes.

That is exactly where we are at.

Thank Jesus Christ that Tucker is refusing to apologize.

I think he’s going to weather this storm.

If they were going to fire him, they already would have.

He got out in front of this, made sure his supporters were defending him, and he’s holding his ground.