Tucker Carlson Calls For Christians to “Unsheath Their Swords and March on Jerusalem”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

Tucker makes our job at Daily Stormer almost redundant. He brought up the whole satanic “Easter Worshipper” thing in his opening monologue and slipped in a subliminal Deus Vult meme while he was at it.

T’was masterful. He finished up and asked why the US doesn’t do more to protect Christians in the Middle East:

Tucker asks all the right open-ended questions and presents facts to Boomers that would never believe the same facts if they found them on the internet.

Remember, unless something has been said on TV, it cannot be real in the mind of a Boomerican.

Because of Tucker’s monologue, the fact that the secular Arab dictators Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad didn’t kill off the Christian minorities in their countries just moved out of the realm of conspiracy theory and into the realm of conspiracy FACT for millions of mal-informed Americans. Tucker may not have actually called for a crusade… yet. But he is doing a good job laying down the groundwork for the Gen Z Mobile Death-Masturbatoriums that are surely coming very soon.

You know, it occurs to me that if the Alt-Right had comported itself in the same way that Tucker does every night on his show, we would have made so much more progress by now. It turns out that you can calmly and collectedly run the best show on the telly red-pilling millions of older Americans without cucking on the message or going to the opposite extreme and compulsively sieg heiling and engaging in anti-social behavior.

Even the most ham-brained ‘Muricans will hear you out if you come across as intelligent, but also down to earth and don’t needlessly antagonize them. In fact, I think Tucker saw the complete fiasco that was the Alt-Right and realized that he had to personally step in and rescue the situation because amateur hour was not getting us anywhere.


Now Tucker’s up there red-pilling Americans about how the “gas madman Assad” actually isn’t such a bad guy. Adding in the subtle suggestion that we should liberate Jerusalem from the kikes was a nice touch too.

Crusader memes are a lot of fun. I think he can get his Boomer audience into them. It could be a real cross-generational thing where old people can actually enjoy something that the kids are into and get into it without making the whole thing cringe.

If anyone could pull it off, it’d be Tucker.