Tucker BEATS California State Professor to DEATH with a BOOK for Saying We Need to Have Fewer Children

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2018

Tucker met with a very annoying professor shilling a book and saying that we need to have fewer children due to climate change.

The easiest way to deal with both problems was quickly realized by Carlson.

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  1. Otako says:

    Well Africans need to have fewer children, they WILL bring about the apocalypse if we don’t soon conduct mass sterilization of their populations, even non-racialists have to see that.

  2. The real issue that these fucking kikerats wont mention is the explosive pop growth in Africa…a place where they are too retarded to survive w/o western help…yet keep shitting out 65iq niggerbabies

    Look up “David Gelbaum Sierra Club”

    Billionaire kike gave Sierra Club $100m donation on condition they don’t countersignal immigration & the African population explosion

    …just look at the expected population growth

    Africa vs Europe

    America vs Nigeria

    Share of World Population by Region

    And finally, Expected World Pop. overlaid with World IQ Over Time GIf

    In Picture Form

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