Trump’s Roaring Economy Coming to a Screeching Halt

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

When Trump was based and on our side, he was following Bannon’s whole “Economic-Populism-Nationalism” program. The assumption was that if he brought back good jobs to the rust belt, the Republican Party would become the blue-collar worker’s party and not the party of free market/open borders Globalism like it’s been since almost forever.

After Bannon was kicked out for disagreeing with Ivanka over the choice of drapes in the West Wing, Trump subtly changed his economic approach. It became about helping out American businesses to boost the GDP and get more latinos and blacks employed and voting Republican or something. The whole plan is reminiscent of Bush II’s plan to get Mexicans into McMansions they couldn’t afford so that they could become “stakeholders” in America’s future and vote for lower taxes and more wars for Israel like the Conservative Inc. think tanks said they would.

It didn’t work for Bush II and it seems that it won’t work for Bush III (Trump).

Despite the tax cuts, the unlimited flow of unskilled labor and the increase in work visas, the economy is still cooling down.


Companies added the fewest jobs in 18 months in March, a private survey found, suggesting employers may have grown more cautious as signs of slower economic growth have emerged.

Payroll processor ADP said Wednesday that businesses added 129,000 jobs last month, down from the previous month’s gain of 197,000. Still, the job gains in March are enough to slightly lower the unemployment rate over time.

All the job gains were in service sectors, such as education and health care, which added a combined total of 56,000. Professional and business services, which include engineering, accounting, and other higher-paid work, added 41,000.

Manufacturing and construction firms both cut jobs last month. 


Healthcare services means brown nurses and education means overweight libshit cat-ladies.

Manufacturing means white blue-collar men in rust belt states. Construction means the same + (admittedly) cheap Mexican coolie labor.

In other words, the demographic that Trump promised to help isn’t doing well in this economy.

And the one thing that I thought Trump would deliver on was a better economy (if only temporarily), but surprise surprise, I was far too optimistic.

Small businesses added just 6,000 jobs, far below the hiring by large and medium-sized businesses. Smaller companies typically struggle to compete in hiring with bigger businesses when fewer workers are available. Bigger companies can often provide higher pay or greater benefits.

ADP’s report does not include government employees and frequently diverges from the official figures. The government’s jobs report, due Friday, is expected to show that employers added 170,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate remained 3.8%.

The U.S. economy appears to have slowed in the past couple of months, with Americans pulling back on their shopping, home sales flattening, and businesses reining in spending on large equipment, new office towers and other buildings.

Global growth is also slowing, with Europe nearly in recession and the U.S. trade war with China weighing on both countries’ economies.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, said that taken together these trends point to a broader economic slowdown and cautious hiring by employers.

“It’s fair to say that the job market is throttling back meaningfully from where it was months ago,” Zandi said.

I’ve been rused yet again.

In general, placing the success of your presidency on a bet that the economy would do well was a foolish decision.

Succeeding on the cultural war front was Trump’s forte and much easier to deliver on. If he pushed back on the tranny and gay and anti-White stuff successfully, he’d still have a base, regardless of the economy. And, of course, the immigration front was obviously the biggest and most logical front to focus on.

Repealing Common Core, tearing apart mayors of sanctuary cities, putting the screws on Wall Street…

So many winning moves… all of them left on the table!

But hey, Bitcoin is going up!

And no one my age even cares about the real economy anymore.

Crypto or bust.

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  1. When President Kushner repeats his memorized mantra that black employment is the highest since the middle ages, the look on the faces of his previous supporters shows he’s going to lose next year.
    “Folds like a cheap suit” describes the fraud in the White House.

  2. This is very depressing. I cant believe how badly Trump has betrayed the very people who voted for him.

  3. White people need to start organizing and start hiring and working with each other as a group. If someone calls that racist, then just tell that (((someone))) that there are countless Jewish groups that do that very same thing for Jews.

    The republican party would rather cuck itself out of any electable future than work for the people that vote for them.

  4. With insults, I have the attitude like the dot-headed Indians do. Call me any names you want - so what? We’re not going down the toilet with the system. Ignore it, make like you never heard it.

  5. So it looks like big business, the corporate whore gopE, focked news, and Bush III won’t need all those migrants for factory jobs our retard in chief was clamoring for two short weeks ago.


    Plus, haven’t any of these jackasses heard of robotics? They’ll kill plenty more bean people level yobs.

  6. Call me stupid, but I never believed the jew lie the economy was good at all. The jewsmedia fed this tripe because it was what the normies wanted to hear, and their response to the (((good news))) was to run up their credit card debt to the extreme. The so called ‘great economy’ is a mirage. The US is $22 Trillion in debt to the jews banks.

  7. Government is only worried about control. It’s not concerned with our wellbeing.

    Tanking the economy creates fear.
    When humans feel fear, we become like cattle, we form a herd and are easier to steer.
    If we feel too much fear though, we might panic and break up the herd and be unable of being steered easily.

    The function of the police and economic regulation/manipulation is to maintain the level of fear that provides the highest level of control.

    This is why the police are such cocksuckers. This is why mugging is allowed, and yet shitposting isn’t.
    Muggers create fear in decent folk, and are therefore tolerated.
    Arresting shitposters creates fear in decent folk, who fear they’ll lose their jobs, and therefore pursuing and persecuting them is encouraged.
    And this is also why the police will occasionally, and very publicly, eliminate a genuine threat; it’s to calm the herd when we’re on the verge of panic.

    This is why our governments are illegitimate.
    This is why “law” enforcement is scum.

    Lawyers, cops, doctors, teachers… All these assholes are fear dealers working with the system to make good people fear.

    We’re being trained to the lease and the whip.
    We’re taught to idolize our handlers as nurturers and protectors.
    Lies. It’s all lies.

    YOU can’t find a job because the system wants you incapable of doing more than simply surviving.
    The government cares less about our comfort than a factory farm cares about its livestock.

    It wants your fear. It needs your uncertainty. If we get on the verge of a revolution or open rebellion, the system will turn down the fear a little and calm us.

  8. Bon says:

    We sure don’t see any “great economy” in California - as entire strip and regular malls routinely go under - mostly due to the incompetent pols in office and a Democrat super-majority voting population in California. A rather large strip mall is being bulldozed near where I live as I write this - one of many I’ve seen.

    The latest proposal from the commies who run this state is to force businesses in California to grant at least 6-7 months paid leave for new mothers and hold their employment position:

    *California’s governor just proposed giving parents six months paid leave

    The governor will threaten businesses by saying “if you wish to do business in our state, this is the deal - or find somewhere else.”

    Of course, they’re “finding somewhere else” - in droves.

    There’ll be no “prosperous” economy with such a large, increasingly stupid welfare population.

  9. Tarrant was absolutely right about accelerationism, the quicker the economy tanks the better. Did anyone seriously think the Jews would leave interest rates so low forever? Trump has no control over the economy, the only thing he is in charge of is when the traffic lights change. There never was a good economy we are all still flat broke. The Jews were always going to collect on the debt with interest. As usual in their greed they have gone too far thinking they could fuck everyone over with impunity. They have own goaled themselves so bad with the US dollar, reducing its value to nothing with money printing and idiotic sanctions. As soon as the situation becomes hopeless for the masses is when the fun begins, anarchy is only three meals away…

  10. At least black and hispanic unemployment rates are at record lows!

    At least the U.S. embassy is FINALLY in Jerusalem, the eternal capitol of the Jewish peoople

    At least Israel rightfully has the Golan Heights now, whew, yasss!

    At least all the millions of immigrants from the third world will have paperwork and documentation

    Things are looking so great!

    Red pilled
    Clown pilled <—we are here
    Balaclava pilled

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