Trump’s Rising Approval Rating in the Polls is Clearly Fake News

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2019

Just fuck my –

– just fuck it all, man. 

We know that in the lead up to the 2016 election, the media simply lied about Trump’s poll numbers. They said there was a 97% chance Hillary was going to win, and it turned out the election wasn’t even close.

After Trump reopened the government and had agreed to not fund the wall, he gave his State of the Union speech, which was almost completely about Nazis and the Holocaust. This was the speech where he first announced that “more people than ever before” are going to be coming into America, because of factories.

The polls shot up.

He got a 7 point bump in his approval rating, according to these people. They said that 76% of Americans approved of the speech.

Since the SotU, he has said repeatedly – totaling five times at last count – that he is going to bring in “more people than ever before” because of factories.

As he continues to say this, the pollsters are claiming that his poll numbers are continuing to rise – they’re claiming they’re the highest ever.

All of the thought leaders of the base are abandoning him, and there is zero chance that this sentiment isn’t shared by a large percentage of average supporters. So are the new supporters Democrats?

How does this math work? 

Trump himself apparently believes it’s all real.

Certainly, the man’s ego likes hearing “HIGHEST LEVEL EVER.”

But here: If you were trying to ensure Trump would lose, and you had the ability to manipulate polls, what would you do?

Well, obviously, as soon as he hit on a message that was bound to fail, you would bump his approval rating.

No one around him cares if he loses. And they are telling him that an Israel-focused pro-immigration campaign where he rambles on about socialism is a winning ticket.

But what about this recent poll out of Michigan, a state key to his 2016 victory?

Detroit Free Press:

Nearly half, 49 percent, of respondents in Michigan say they will definitely vote to replace Trump and another 16 percent say they will consider voting for someone else. Only 31 percent said they will definitely vote to re-elect Trump.

So a 31% approval rating in a key state.

A state which arguably represents his core base.

One of three things is going on here:

  1. The national polls are being rigged
  2. This Michigan poll was rigged
  3. People in Michigan have a vastly more negative view of Trump than the rest of the country

Admittedly, we are going to need more data to confirm what I am saying here, but I am myself already 100% certain of it.

These polls are being rigged in order to get Trump to push forward with a stupid, losing 2020 platform.

He doesn’t read the internet, remember. People print off articles for him to read. The people around him select what news he gets. He apparently just assumes that the people around him are being honest with him.

The number one influence in the White House is now Jared Kushner. And he’s already gotten virtually everything he wanted to get for Israel.

So if his kin tell him it’s time for Donald to lose, Jared will tell him whatever Big Shlomo wants him to hear. There will be backchannel communication with the pollsters.

And he will lose to Kamala.

Or, at least this is their plan.

I have a different plan.