Trump Tweets Harshly Against His Enemies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2018

Trump did a whole entire Tweetpocalypse over the weekend.

Starting by responding to my article about the traitor McMaster.

Hopefully the evil bastard is fired this week.

He then hit out at the diabolical Jew Schiff.

Yes – thank you, Jew. Although I don’t really understand that Tweet.

If the meddling was 13 guys on social media, then I think it is time we compared that to the Jew meddling.

Indeed you were, sir. Indeed you were.

And I dare say you would have won even without those 13 supposed shitposting Russians.

And with that, the show is over.

Trump did nothing wrong, the Mueller has confirmed. They have indicted 13 Russian shitposters just so they would have something, but that will just fall apart in a few weeks anyway.

And now we can get the second special counsel to investigate the investigators – Obama, Hillary, Schiff, Mueller, McCain, Comey – all of these rats who conspired to hoax a conspiracy.