Trump Transition: Lying NYT Jews Up to Their Old Tricks Again

Daily Stormer
November 16, 2016


Folks, these are the most dishonest people, let me tell you.

You would think that after being humiliated so badly about the revelation of all their electoral shilling and lies, the Jews of the New York Times would be trying to rebuild their credibility with a temporary period of honest reporting.

But, you see, the thing about Jews is that they can’t help lying. It’s instinctive. Even when it would be to their advantage to clean up their act, they won’t do it.

And thus, their ultimate demise is assured.

Fox News:

Donald Trump resumed his war with The New York Times on Wednesday after a brief respite following last week’s upset victory, going on a Twitter tear over The Gray Lady’s claims that his transition team is in disarray and foreign leaders are struggling to reach him.

The president-elect made his case in trademark fashion, letting rip a rapid-fire string of rebuttals in an early-morning tweet-storm.

The tweets unfolded as follows:

Trump already had been poking the Times since his victory last Tuesday. When the publisher of the newspaper wrote an open letter to readers promising to “reflect” on its coverage and rededicate itself to reporting honestly, Trump mocked the paper.


That was pretty funny.


Huh, what were you dedicated to before? Unhinged propaganda?

Too bad their new-found devotion to “honest reporting” only lasted a day. If that.

Essentially, what they’re doing here is taking minor and normal steps the Trump people are taking to start this transition, and pretending like those are catastrophic problems. Just typical Jew obfuscation.

But unlike most politicians, Trump confronts the media rather than cowering in fear of their influence.  Hopefully, his administration will take steps to finalize the eradication of this nest of subversives and traitors.

Who needs ’em?

Everyone already knows that the best source for honest, unbiased news is the Daily Stormer, after all.