Trump the World-Destroyer: More Hysteria from the New York Times Commentariat

Atlantic Centurion
September 10, 2016


So this is the third time I’ve done this (1, 2). Maybe I have a problem, but perusing the comments section at the New York Times is like watching a slow motion trainwreck in occupied Poland. I just can’t look away. Charles M. Blow’s latest article, “Donald Trump is Lying in Plain Sight,” brings the cucks home to roost with a vengeance.

Should I do that thing with the witty nicknames for each commenter? I could, but I don’t want to keep writing the same piece over and over. I think this time I will just put the snarky commentary after the excerpts. Needless to say, the insanity, double-standards, and histrionics of these comments often speak for themselves.

The media, specifically the “liberal” media, seems to bend over backward to appear objective. This creates a false equivalence between Clinton and Trump. Our country is in a fight for its life. We need to see things as they really are. Trump is a megalomaniac who very well could cause the extinction of humanity. The best he would do would be to ruin the country and create a newer, more overt feudalism where 99.9% of the population are no better than chattel slaves. False objectivity should be abandoned in favor of survival.

Trump is become death, destroyer of worlds. Literally. America could die if he wins. The entire human species! He is going to reduce every last American to “overt feudalism,” which means “chattel slavery.” Really really. We Antebellum South now.

The most appalling aspect of the Trump phenomenon is not the candidate himself, it is tens of millions of supporters who has thrown away any intellectual self worth for the sake of a socio-racial identity. The overlap between the demographic with declining life expectancy and Trumpists is overwhelming. It seems as though a big chunk of our society is committing both physical and intellectual suicide.

Come on. Say this about black people. Do it. Denounce tribalism and ethnocentrism when non-whites do it. I want to hear it. Say blacks voting Democrat have no intellectual self-worth. Oh right…. third worldism.

You are absolutely right on the mark, Charles. And to a startling degree, the New York Times is among the media enterprises responsible for this “false equivalency.” If Clinton and Trump (or for that matter almost all Republicans) were subject to the same standards of experience, knowledge — and respect for facts, for documented truth — the Democrats would sweep every office in the nation. Instead, we’re faced with continuing paralysis in a Congress dominated by ill-informed liars and ideological fanatics, and the terrifying possibility of a Trump presidency and a Trump Supreme Court. The nation has never faced a more devastating political crisis.

Really? You think there’s no full-court press against Trump? If you ask me, the false equivalency is when one candidate is pre-coronated as president and the other is dubbed Literally Hitler™. You think the Democrats would just magically win because of “muh facts”—because they think they’re right? You’ve got to read your (((Jonathan Haidt))), goy. People have moral foundations. Your purported truth is a lie to me and millions of others.

And the United States has never faced a worse crisis? How about the fucking Civil War? How about that time an election killed like a tenth of the population? Trump is worse than that?

Not enough has been written about narcissism as a mental disorder. I cannot recall someone running for office who was so self absorbed and absolutely blind to facts and the opinions and feelings of others.

Yeah I have not heard this narrative enough times. Please, tell us more about how mentally ill Donald Trump is. Tell me more about how blind he is to both facts and opinions and feelings, despite having a solid +40% of voters backing him. Totally out of touch with how people feel, but he’s also a master manipulator and snake oil salesman right? You are essentially calling him a “big dumb poopiehead,” just using college vocabulary.

Thank you for this column. I have been utterly disgusted by the mainstream media (I’m talking to you, Matt Lauer), which has completely abdicated its responsibility and brought us this horror. I wish more of your colleagues would start doing their jobs but I don’t believe they will. Mark my words. If, God forbid, Trump wins this election, the media will write story after story about why the public voted for him and will fail to acknowledge their despicable part in it.

The media hates Trump you know. They routinely trip over themselves to be the first to denounce his latest remarks. They couldn’t have gone full radio silence on the Republican nominee for president you know; they have to cover him. It would be one thing for you to argue they should have no-platformed him to check his rise, but to say they haven’t been critical enough of him and that’s why he is doing well? Give me a break, cuck. Oh, and Lauer is a Clinton Foundation donor by the way.

Charles, thank you for writing this. Trump is entirely a creation of the media, who has focused on his every lie and distortion in an attempt to show how ludicrous he is, and what a train wreck he is. But that has backfired. And the result is that he is the Republican nominee for President. Shame on the media, as you say. But while history might recognize their faults, it is the media who will write it. So accountability for Trump’s ascendancy will be scarce, indeed.

So if neither Trump nor his voters really have any agency in making him the nominee, what is the point of democracy even? Does the media pick the president? That’s kind of convoluted. Just admit you want some kind of one-party shitlib Soviet republic with a Pravda News Network.

There is no responsible, objective argument for a Trump presidency. He is clearly a deranged and pathological narcissist, incapable probably of even knowing he’s lying. Some have argued that his virtue is that he’s non-ideological and therefore capable of “unfreezing” our political winter. This argument assumes that his “non-ideological” positioning is conscientious, rather than opportunistic. Charles does noble work here today and every week, as do others, but it is, as they say, preaching to the choir. If Donald Trump is elected president it will likely be a disaster for the country and the world. To put a man like him in a position of such power is literally playing with fire. Who will be to blame? To some extent, everyone. It will represent the final triumph of everything we previously understood to be spurious in our culture. Who knows? Maybe the country needs to burn before it can be reborn.

Oh look, this again. Trump is totally a mentally-ill world destroyer who will ruin the country and annihilate all humanity. This doesn’t sound nuts at all. Really a fair and level-headed prediction here. These people have the right to vote.

There was a time when the left could mount a much more principled defense of what it believed in and attack its opponents with more than handwringing and flabbergasted histrionics. It could acknowledge that its opponents had interests even if they didn’t support those interests. But here we are being told that Trump is essentially the anti-christ. They’re so judaized that they no longer think in such Christian terms, but I’ll be damned if we’re not being painted as sinners in the hands of an angry ZOG, as opposed to people with different ambitions and grievances than theirs. I mean, come on. Trump is going to end the world? This election is the worst catastrophe in our history? Who exactly is practicing (((the paranoid style in American politics))) here? If I see (((Richard Hofstadter))) referenced one more time in this election by oblivious leftists… You know that test where they show an animal their reflection to check for self-awareness?

As I’ve noted before, the reigning narrative on Trump is that he will either save the country or wreck it. Now we’re being told he will destroy the entire world. On the Alt-Right, some of us like to meme esoterically that Trump is Kalki the Destroyer, the final incarnation of Vishnu who will end the Kali Yuga, the Age of Gloom and usher in an Age of Truth. This is supposed to be an ironic ironpill meme for Evola-reading teens, but here we have the left casting dangerous meme magick by chanting over and over again that Trump will not just destroy the United States, but the whole world. I mean wow, just wow.

I’m telling you goys, this is really it. Trump has to win. Either we get the breathing room we need to become more racially conscious as a people under Trump’s national populist agenda, or he brings down the Empire and we get to rebuild. Either way, I know I won’t be grieving for Weimerica. Let Caesar destroy the Republic. Let Kalki purge the earth.