Trump Strikes New Trade Deal with Mexico

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2018

Donald Trump has effectively killed NAFTA by establishing this new trade deal with Mexico.

The news cycle over the past few days has been fairly crazy. The Jew-run media has collectively decided to spend much of their energy focusing in on the death of the evil Zionist traitor John McCain and his journey to hell.

Lost in the shuffle was Donald Trump’s announcement of a new trade deal that has been struck with Mexico. This is a bi-lateral deal that effectively replaces the NAFTA disaster. It appears as if this new deal will be especially beneficial to the American automotive industry.

Fox News:

President Trump won a major victory on trade on Monday, supplanting the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and replacing it with something far more beneficial. The new deal will help American workers and manufacturers. It’s also a win for Mexico.

One of the most fundamental parts of Trump’s campaign for president was his promise to change America’s deeply flawed trade arrangements. These deals left us with massive $500 billion trade deficits—a huge drag on the economy—and devastated forgotten communities across America that are dependent on manufacturing jobs.

Second only to the booming economy, Monday’s announcement of a deal with Mexico is the most visible manifestation of Trump’s fulfilment of his campaign promises. Last year, the USA had a large $71 billion trade in goods deficit with Mexico, owing in part to much lower worker pay. This new deal will limit Mexico’s ability to take U.S. manufacturing jobs by underpaying workers.

Another key part of the new trade deal increases the percentage of a car that must be made in North America to qualify for lower-tariff import into the USA. This will be a major boon to American automotive workers and that industry’s domestic supply chain.

The usual suspects in the Jew-run media haven’t had many good things to say about the deal. Their opinion doesn’t mean a damn thing though. These are the same losers who were praising NAFTA as a great “free trade” deal even though it shipped millions of American jobs to foreign countries.

Market reaction to the news was positive resulting in stocks jumping to record highs.

This deal with Mexico puts pressure on Canada to come back to the table and negotiate in good faith. You might remember when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bashed Trump after he left the G7 meeting earlier this year. He whined about how he wasn’t going to be bullied by Trump simply because Trump demanded that Canada deal with them fairly. This was not a good decision on Trudeau’s part.

Trump can now present Trudeau with a take it or leave it proposal. With the Mexico deal in the books, Trump has all the bargaining power. Not to mention, the Canadians need access to the American market much more than we need access to Canada’s market. Trump could theoretically tell Trudeau to pound sand if he wanted. The prospect of this is being openly discussed on Canadian television.

Overall this annoncement is fantastic news. The job killing disaster that has been NAFTA is finally coming to an end. And on top of it, Canada will be forced into accepting a trade deal on Trump’s terms. This is going to help set the stage for establishing better trade relations with all other countries including China.

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