Trump Solicits Complaints About Social Media Censorship in Email List Building Scam

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

It’s suspicious that Donald Trump would be asking for information about bias on social media, because everyone fucking knows what is happening on social media: they are banning absolutely everyone with views they disagree with.

All kinds of studies have been done on this, the FCC has published papers about it, there is no need for data on this phenomenon. The social media companies don’t even deny that they work with the SPLC and ADL to shut down anyone who questions political correctness.

Google/YouTube just shut down the jailbait thot Soph, preventing her from uploading new videos. Why?

Because she made a video about Islam, and the greasy kike Joe Bernstein of BuzzFeed said she represented a “moral crisis.”

The fat, greasy, slovenly kike Talia Levin was also in on the clamp-down. Of course.

These people are active anti-speech activists who shut down someone’s social media account – an account with one million followers – on the same day that the White House posted that tweet.

So the idea that “data is needed” on the topic is insane.

Imagine if the White House wanted you to fill out a form telling them about friends and relatives who have died from opioids – “We need to study this phenomenon, give us your personal data.” Would that make sense to you? Or would you think “what the fuck, check the statistics – my dead friends and relatives are all in there – why the hell do you need my personal data”?

Both social media censorship and the opioid crisis are massive problems that everyone has been affected by and everyone is aware of and we need ACTION – not data analysis.

But okay – give the White House the benefit of the doubt for a minute. Say they’re compiling some grand paper that they’re finally going to use to do… whatever you would need a paper for… two years after I was banned from everything and a year after Alex Jones was banned from everything.

Except it isn’t the White House doing it.

The link redirects to “,” a blog site that asks for your email address.

This is an email list collection scam.

Trump is going to compile this list and then send out emails saying “give me money and I’ll stop tech censorship!”

They know this is a super important issue to huge numbers of passionate people – so it is great to exploit for 2020 campaign money.

This is the most cynical goddamn thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

They should do the same for opioid addiction – “send me $40 so I can stop more of your friends and relatives from dying in 2020!”

Trump has already said that he isn’t going to do anything about tech censorship. He said he doesn’t even care if they censor him, because he will overcome it by being “really good.”

The new support base for Trump is this manufactured, astroturfed, approved movement involving Breitbart, Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, etc. – and they’ve all come out and said they don’t care if tech companies are censoring because they’re privately-owned monopolies and have a right to do that.

So his team doesn’t believe there is any need for him to stop censorship.

What there is a need for?


TRUMP 2020!