Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Families Together – In Jail!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2018

So, after a solid week of tears – literal tears – from the kikes and their evil rat minions, Trump has decided to keep invader families together.

In jail.

ABC News:

President Donald Trump, under growing pressure to act unilaterally to address the immigration crisis, Wednesday signed an executive order that he said would keep immigrant families at the border together.

Trump said he didn’t like the sight of families being separated, according to a pool report. He said the “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting everyone who tries to cross the border illegally would continue.

“It’s about keeping families together,” Trump said, “while ensuring we have a powerful, very strong border.”

“I think the word ‘compassion’ comes into it,” he said. “My wife feels strongly about it. I feel strongly about it. Anybody with a heart would feel this way,” he added.

They’re going to put them in cells together.

I said this from the beginning – you can keep them together in a cell. What difference does it make? The reason they were being separated is because it was considered more humane to keep children in a non-prison environment.

But whatever.

They want the spiclets in the jail cell with their parents, then put them there.

Who cares?

The mission has been accomplished. The message has been sent to the invaders that we are putting people through hellish conditions, and we don’t give a fuck.

And Trump looks like a reasonable man and a hero.

Obama kept wetback children wrapped in aluminum foil, remember (not to even mention that the Jews just shoot brown children who try to cross their border, keeping them united with their families – in death).

So, What Then?

I guess the liberals will call this a win?

I mean the whole thing was that they said anyone with a child should be given a free entry visa. That was what they were pushing for. Which would just mean that children would be trafficked as entry visas, and everyone crossing would bring a child as an entry visa.

Just putting them all in the same cell together does nothing to change anything.

They blew their load by acting like keeping children in cages without their parents was some new thing (even though Obama did it for two years and wrapped them in aluminum foil), now they have no real angle to come at this from.

Everyone who crosses the border will continue to be arrested and detained, waiting to be criminally prosecuted for illegally entering the country under zero tolerance. And we will save space by keeping families in the same cell.

Here’s the full meeting before the signing of the order. He goes through the whole bit.


None of this matters.

Nothing is happening on immigration until after the midterms, and then all hell is going to come down on the brown menace.

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