Trump Refuses to Bow to Aggressive Jew Pressure, Again Names George Soros as Probable Caravan Funder

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

The Jews decided early on that they wouldn’t be using the synagogue shooting for the typical “give us your guns, goyim” narrative – instead, they wanted to use the shooting to shut down freedom of speech and try to meddle in the election.

They also were demanding that people stop talking about George Soros, because even mentioning his name means you’re an anti-Semite and you have blood on your hands.

Trump is having absolutely none of any of that bullshit.

Huffington Post:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if George Soros is funding the caravan of Central American migrants heading toward the U.S., amplifying a baseless conspiracy theory about the prominent Democratic donor days after an attempted attack on him.

Trump made the comments while speaking to reporters outside the White House.

“Do you think somebody is funding the caravan? Do you think somebody is paying for the caravan?” a reporter asked.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised,” Trump said.

“George Soros? Who’s paying for it?” a reporter interjected.

“I don’t know who. But I wouldn’t be surprised,” Trump replied. “A lot of people say yes.”

HuffPo of course goes on to posit that this is a “conspiracy theory.”

Although it is actually just a normal and logical theory. It is true that at time of writing there is no definite evidence that Soros funded these migrants, but there is plenty of evidence that he funds the “caravans” into Europe. He’s advertised this fact in op-eds, the wily old kike.

He also funds various latin American revolutionary terrorist groups – including, but not limited to, “La Raza,” which means “The Race” and is a terrorist group that declares its agenda is to “reconquer” the United States in the name of Mexicans.

Also among the programs this Jew funds is The International Migration Initiative, which is just a general program to flood white countries with brown people to ethnically displace us as they rape and kill our friends and family members.

So, you look at the caravan and you’re like “who’s funding this? I don’t know, who could it be?” and Soros is just the single most obvious answer. That doesn’t mean it is him, necessarily, it just means he is the most likely.

The sickening kike media acts as though there is no reason to believe it is Soros and people are just blaming him at random because they hate the Jews, but he is a Jew who funds this exact thing – and openly admits to it – all over the world.

That Jew also funds things like Black Lives Matter death riots, pussy marches and pretty much every other Jewish thing you can possibly think of. He does honestly roll out like Darth Vader whenever white people are being attacked, so you can just blame him for things and have at least a 65% chance of being right.

You can blame Jews generally for things and have virtually a 100% chance of being right.

Whoever is funding the caravan, we know they’re Jewish.

If it does turn out to be Soros, a lot of lying media kikes are going to look very bad.

But I guess they always look bad and they just count on the media cycle rolling on and low-information people just forgetting about everything.

That works both ways, Jews – not even a week and the whole world has forgotten about your precious dead Jew-bodies.