Trump Figures Out Fox is Against Him. Sucks He Let All His Internet Supporters be Silenced.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

President Trump is ranting against Fox News for being against him.

This isn’t new.

Fox News was never really big on Trump. They had to support him for ratings, and just to keep up the illusion that there is some choice in media, but they’ve always taken jabs at him, supported Russian conspiracy theories, and generally not been honest about his presidency.

And of course, every other channel is totally and completely against him – 24-hour “2 minutes of hate” channels.

It really sucks he let all his internet supporters get deplatformed.

Alex Jones had 5 times more viewers than any cable news show.

MILO had a massive audience on Twitter and the various other platforms he’s been kicked off of.

Gavin McInnes had a huge following and was completely crushed.

If I hadn’t been shut down, this site would be bigger than Breitbart.

They’ve shut down almost all the major pro-Trump Twitter accounts, as well as most of the Facebook pages and YouTube channels. Even random boomers are getting banned just for saying boomer things.

They’re shutting down r/The_Donald.

They’re in the process of shutting down even the most milquetoast Trump supporters like Steven Crowder.

Trump had behind him a massive ORGANIC media machine that was bigger than all of the mainstream media combined.

And he let every single one of us get FUCKED.

He stood by and did absolutely nothing as we were systematically crushed by tech monopolies that violate anti-trust laws in a way that violates the First Amendment.

I’m sure in hindsight, he wishes he maybe would have put a little bit more effort into keeping this from happening.

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  1. Trump was too busy giving Bibi handjobs under the table than to give a shit about all his base being deplatformed.

  2. God I miss 2014/15 Jewtube.

  3. I’ve always hated Fox News. Bunch of shills and liars, except for Tucker of course

  4. I’m glad he said this, not because I needed to hear it, but because this is going to make it a lot easier to actually convince retarded boomercons (which is an ideology that spans more than just boomers, unfortunately) that the (((media))) is all the same.

  5. JJJ says:

    it absolutely blows my mind, how all the caricatures, quotes and speeches from nazi germany are 100% accurate and fit into today’s world so much, that it seems like observations of the modern times rather than wisdom from different time

  6. Trump just had to be just another mother fucking boomer.
    He just had to put a fucking feminist Catholic on the SCOTUS.
    He just had to surround himself with neocons and soldiers.
    He just had to awkwardly court the nigger vote.
    He just had to suck Israel’s cunt.

    He just had to be a mother fucking boomer. He had to act like like winning the election was the fucking end of his fight.

    These mother fucking boomer cucks…

  7. Dam rite they do

    The first time I ever heard a George Lincoln Rockwell speech I was convinced the man is a prophet. It was uncanny to me that he was speaking in the 1960’s but was literally seeing the future. And he absolutely had the conservatives pegged for what they are—nothing but tomorrow’s liberals, after making a pathetic show of resistance today.

  8. Jay says:


    The faster we drive traffic there the faster we get our connection to the general public back, whether Trump helps or not.
    Getting Tucker, Piediepie, or any big names that would be open to it to post videos on there(same as he does on youtube) would drive people to there.
    Drive the anti-vaxxers to them also and anyone that has been shut down, we can make it the new public square as a stop gap until we have a version we control out right as a back or main area of our own making.

    Several of us are working on solutions out side of bit chute and gab, but all of them so far will not come online until after this election(several years before they have any effect).

  9. I posted this on another thread recently. Celine in the '30s

    “In democratic politics it is money that commands. And the money is Jewish.”

    “Our French Republic is no more than a great gullet swallowing the negroizing of the French at the command of the Jews. Our governors are a clique of sadistic yids and yellow-bellied masons sworn to swallow us up, to bastardize us further, to boil us down by all the grotesque, primitive means of inter-mixture, part negro, part yellow, part white, part red, part monkey, part Jewish, part everything.”

    “To be or not to be” Aryan? That is the question! And nothing more! All the doctrines concerning the absence of Race, concerning the vast racial confusion, all the spreading of racial jumbling at full pace, the esperanto-ism of the anus “Romain Rolland style,” resulting in the greatest fornicating Babel are no more than destructive foul tricks, all emerging from the same Talmudic shop: “To the destruction of the Whites.”

    “The Exposition of Arts and Techniques, it is the Jewish exposition of 1937. All of France must come to admire Jewish genius, bow down before Jews, eat Jews, drink Jews, pay Jews!”

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