Trump Feebly Lashes Out Against Queen Ann! Announces Fake Wall!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2019

Trump is becoming increasingly erratic and is lashing out against Ann Coulter.

If wanting Trump to fulfill his campaign promises – or at least not do the exact opposite – makes one a “Wacky Nut Job,” then I too am a Wacky Nut Job.

What wall is this?

Is there an army of wizards building an invisible wall?

If not, then where the hell are the pictures? Why was there no big event announcing the ground breaking on this wall?

Fences are not the same thing as walls, and we did not elect Donald Trump to replace existing fencing on the border.

Also – it doesn’t even matter if there is a wall. Illegal immigration was never the actual problem. The problem was always legal immigration.

And laws that stop the deportation of illegal immigrants. And laws that allow employers to hire illegal immigrants.

If we’re going to bring in “more people than ever before” as Trump has announced, through allegedly legal means, then this means that a wall accomplishes absolutely nothing.

And Trump is saying that he wants these “more than ever before” people to work in – wait for it – factories!

So why wouldn’t we just use the army of Guatemalans on the border?

We can just give them green cards and send them straight over to Bezos’ place.