Trump Does BRUTALLY AWESOME Press Conference with Horrible Negotiator Theresa May

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2018

President Trump’s co-press conference with Madam Theresa was a lot of fun.

Great times, great times.

This is hilarious, this thing happening just after he’d slammed her in that interview and said she was doing everything wrong. She was very uncomfortable, looking like she had shat herself the whole time. Though to be fair, she pretty much always looks like she’s just shat herself. That face she makes – wow.

Trump didn’t back down on his statement that immigration is destroying the culture of Europe. That was the most important part of the interview. He is now in the process of appealing directly to the people of Europe on the immigration issue, giving all of them permission – just as he gave Americans permission – to say that this action of marching in these brown people is destroying white nations.

He had a lot of funny quips. My favorite was when he commented on the Strzok testimony, he said “I watched some of it, didn’t watch all of it, because we’re in a different time zone – to say the least.” This guy really does not get credit for how funny he is. I think people don’t get it. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who gets it. Just all of this “everyone is a very nice person, I say nice things about everyone” is so, so funny.

He totally refused to take a question from Jim Acosta, saying CNN is fake news and he doesn’t talk to CNN anymore.

He also commanded the Reuters guy to take off his hat and he took it off. He left it off the rest of the press conference. THAT is funny, man.

Theresa is stuck on Brexit. You can’t have this guy – PRESIDENT TRUMP, ETERNAL EMPEROR – come out and say you’re doing a negotiation that is going to stop us from trading with you and her continue on with that line. And she can’t change the line, because the people she works for won’t let her.

The biggest bit other than the immigration thing was his answers on his meeting with Putin. He is basically saying that Crimea is now a part of Russia, and saying that it is Obama’s fault. Of course it is Obama’s fault. Obama’s State Department ran a violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government by Jewish-funded Neo-Nazis.

I do not think Trump’s State Department would have run a violent Jew/Neo-Nazi overthrow of the elected government of the Ukraine, meaning that the issue of Crimea – and the ongoing war in Donbass – never would have been an issue. And that is obviously what he is referring to when he says “Obama let that happen.”

He knows the story of the overthrow of the Ukraine, that isn’t a conspiracy theory, it is all on record. It was a US/EU-backed violent revolution.

He was also pushing some denuclearization thing, which I don’t think anyone really cares about because everyone kinda knows that there are already so many nukes the only way to get rid of them would be to fire them all off. So I think the reason he was pushing it is he is going to celebrate that as his win as he informally recognizes Crimea.

What I really want is some kind of joint denial of this “meddling” nonsense. That is the big thing. Bigger than Crimea.

The only “meddling” that we now have allegedly proven is that someone with a Russian IP posted some very bad memes on Facebook. Putin says he didn’t do that, he says it was probably the Jews, but whatever – they’re memes on Facebook. As I mentioned before, this would have been after the US threw a violent revolution to overthrow a democratically elected government in a country on Russia’s border, which was its ally.

So just a round-up:

NATO went great, was hilarious.

Britain went great, was hilarious.

Putin is on Monday.

We’re going for a threefer.

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