Trump Calls Out Anti-White Racism for a Second Time in a Week

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2019

So I know everyone is mad at Trump and generally against the idea of warming to him after being mad due to tweets.

But seriously, specifically calling out anti-white racism is a big deal. No one has ever really done this before, and he’s now done it twice in a week.

Monday morning, he called out Spike Lee for making an anti-white hate movie against him, the white president. He used the word “racist.”

Yes, he went on to talk about – ahem – black unemployment.

But whatever. I’m immune to talk of black unemployment at this point.

He accused a prominent black director of being racist against whites, and that is amazing.

This comes just four days after he called the black hoaxer Jussie Smollett a “racist” for his attacks on the entire white race he tried to hoax.

This is serious progress for the narrative. I don’t even see people in the media talking about it. I think they aren’t yet sure how to respond.

To come out and say “that’s a lie, you can’t be racist against white people” in the context of the Smollett hoax or this horrible anti-white hate film Spike Lee made would just look unhinged and insane. It is better for them to just not address it at this point, I would think, rather than try to make out that somehow, whites are the single group that is attacked nonstop but also the only group who deserves to be attacked for their race.

That message is now communicated subliminally, but in order to address Trump talking about anti-white racism, they would have to make it explicit. And that would make a lot of normies stop and say “wait, what?”