Trump Backs Down: “I Was Just Kidding About Closing the Border!”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

No, he didn’t actually say exactly that.

But I think I got the gist of his blabbering.


President Donald Trump took a step back on Tuesday from his threat to close the U.S. southern border to fight illegal immigration, as pressure mounted from companies worried that a shutdown would cause chaos to supply chains.

Trump threatened on Friday to close the border this week unless Mexico acted. He repeated that threat on Tuesday but said he had not made a decision yet: “We’re going to see what happens over the next few days.”

Closing the border could disrupt millions of legal crossings and billions of dollars in trade. Auto companies have been warning the White House privately that it would lead to the idling of U.S. plants within days because they rely on prompt deliveries of components made in Mexico. 

Yes, I remember when Trump was running for President in 2016 with the slogan: “It’s the GDP, stupid!”

With big businesses coming out and demanding that Trump keep the border open, there’s very little chance that he’ll actually bring the ban-hammer down.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest U.S. business lobbying group, has been in contact with the White House to discuss the “very negative economic consequences that would occur across the country,” said Neil Bradley, the group’s top lobbyist, on a call with reporters.

Trump praised efforts by Mexico to hinder illegal immigration from Central America at its own southern border. On Monday, the Mexican government said it would help regulate the flow of migrants.

“I really wanted to close it,” Trump said on Tuesday night at a fundraiser for congressional Republicans.

“I really didn’t want to sign the spending bill. I really didn’t want to sign the second spending bill. I’m really unhappy about the third spending bill. I really wanted to close the border. I…”


For a while, I was under the impression that he was doing his best and fighting the good fight.

But he’s broken now. The fight is all gone out of him.

Trump seems to be putting on a show. A fake fight. He’s got experience in this.

There’s going to be a lot more kayfabe before we hit 2020.

But it will all be hollow.

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  1. I think we’ve caught on to that by now. What a kidder.

  2. So?

  3. I love being ruled over by weak faggots and vampiric jews.

  4. The Trump barks, but the caravans move on.

    Like l posted a couple of days ago, l no longer believe a word he says. I was a sucker in 2015, 16, 17 and even into 2018 to a limited extent, but no more. He’s a controlled quisling of the kikes.

  5. The Boomers are not tired of winning yet. They are still true believers.

  6. Trump is all bark and no bite unless it’s for Israel.

  7. Trump is a fucking fag.

    So how do we begin to exploit this invasion since it’s clear we’re powerless to stop any of it? We need a new attack vector here. Sitting around pointing out the President is a impotent loser isn’t really helping us.

  8. :laughing:

    btw I have noticed that on r/The_Donald on average upvotes have gone down. Last year in summer almost every post got 3-9k upvotes, now on average post get 900-3.5k upvotes. So support from magapedes has dropped. The only people who still fully support him are pro-Israeli boomers.

  9. The only two options

    1. The forgiving choice: Trump was authentic. The swamp drained Trump.

    2. The unforgiving choice: Trump was inauthentic. He was part of the swamp.

    Trump is done. If you still support Trump, why? Just stop.

  10. Bon says:

    I don’t disagree, but…

    Who would be a possible other choice for POTUS in 2020?

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