Trump Allegedly Hired Israeli Spies to Dig up Dirt on Obama Staffers

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2018

Never talk to the police. This goes double for the Jewish espionage police.

I got excited for a moment when I heard that Trump had hired private investigators to dig up dirt on his enemies. But then I learned the spies were Jews, and the enemies in question are related to the Iran deal.

Excitement level: gone.

This better be another media hoax.

The Hill:

Aides to President Trump reportedly hired an Israeli private intelligence firm to dig up compromising information on two of former President Obama’s foreign policy officials in an attempt to discredit the Iran nuclear agreement, according to reports obtained by UK newspaper The Observer and published in The Guardian.

Why do you even need dirt on these people? You don’t need kike investigators to reveal that Obama is a nigger.

And that would basically be the most effective way to attack this.

“According to my sources, the Iran deal is legally invalid because it was, in fact, negotiated and signed by a nigger.”

Not that you’d want to do that. Iran did nothing wrong, and we definitely don’t need another war om the Middle-East.

Why can’t we get along with Iran? These people literally never did a single thing wrong.

The Observer reports that Trump officials contacted the firm and directed it to find compromising personal information on former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes and Colin Kahl, Vice President Biden’s national security adviser.

The intent of the “dirty ops” mission allegedly was to find information that could be used by the Trump administration to discredit the Iran nuclear deal. Trump faces a May 12 deadline to renew U.S. involvement in the deal.

Investigators looked at Rhodes’ and Kahl’s personal relationships, any activity with Iran-friendly lobbyists and whether the officials had benefited personally or politically from the deal.

Hiring Jews to dig dirt on other Jews isn’t exactly the wisest course of action.

(((Ben Rhodes)))

Probable Jew Colin Kahl.

But yeah I mean, I’d assume this deal involved a lot of corruption, just as a natural consequence of the Judeo-African politics of that administration.

But the solution here is just to negotiate a new deal, preferably one which would piss off Jews. Not ramping up hostilities over nothing. Or in this case (Israel), less than nothing.

“The idea was that people acting for Trump would discredit those who were pivotal in selling the deal, making it easier to pull out of it,” an unnamed source familiar with the operation told The Observer.

Rhodes blasted the move as “chillingly authoritarian” in a statement to the publication.

When you Obama people used the NSA to spy on American citizen in order to favor your favorite candidate in an election, was that “chillingly authoritarian,” kike?

Either way, the Jews unsurprisingly don’t seem to have dug up anything – or at least, Trump didn’t use anything they did find up to this point. I’ll bet that if he hired Iranians to dig up dirt on his real enemies – the Jews – they’d be a lot more helpful.

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