“Trump 2: People for Factories” Can’t Win an Election. So What Now?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2019

“We’ll keep on getting fucked over by the kikes. You’re gonna be so tired of getting fucked over by the kikes that you are gonna say ‘no more, please mr. president, we are so tired of getting fucked over by kikes,’ but we are gonna keep getting fucked over by the kikes.” -Trump 2

So basically, Donald Trump can’t win in 2020.

The polls are either rigged or people just haven’t figured out what is going on with his new “we need more people than ever before” program.

Furthermore, the fact that Trump did fuck all to protect freedom of speech on the internet means that even if he had support, there would be no way for anyone to know it.

A few months ago, I thought it was impossible for Kamala to beat him, but now I just don’t see how he can win, given his new direction.

He has fulfilled zero of his core campaign promises, and he is going to run on:

  • Empowering Israel as a response to Ilhan Omar
  • Importing the largest number of immigrants in history (LEGALLY) to work in factories, while white Americans suicide and die of fentanyl overdoses
  • “Finishing” a wall he hasn’t started yet
  • Fighting the hysterical non-issue of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ “socialism”

He is surrounded by people who are lying to him and saying this is all a good idea.

After my piece yesterday about how the polls are being rigged to make him think people are supporting his new agenda when actually they are not, some people said that he relies on internal polling. Well, that is even easier to manipulate than the public polling. At least with public polling, they have to show some form of data that can be publicly analyzed.

Kellyanne Conway was Trump’s main pollster. She owns a polling firm, and Trump considers her an expert. And I guess she hasn’t been horrible, but have you seen her husband?

He is rabidly anti-Trump. And there are no reports that this is causing them marriage difficulties.

So this woman is in bed every night with an aggressive anti-Trump figure – do you think any woman on earth is not going to be swayed by that?

Conversely, these numbers are accurate.

The rest of the people around him are even more compromised than she is. So of course, they are going to be feeding him bad data.

Furthermore, the media is backing off attacking him so aggressively, and this is going to feed into the illusion that he is doing something right.

We know that he doesn’t read the internet, and doesn’t really have any ability to know what is going on outside of what’s on Fox News, the news articles that people print off for him, and what people tell him personally. In 2016, he was surrounded by people picked through his organization – now he is surrounded by snakes pretending to be his friends.

It is obvious that he is not exactly of sound mind right now. I don’t know if it’s stress, his age or something else, but he is gaining weight and doesn’t ever appear to be on the ball. Even just reading his Twitter, it is like a parody of what it was 2 years ago.

There is going to be an absolute crisis when he leaves office. The Democrats are a bunch of rabid psychopaths who are totally obsessed with exterminating white men. Taking revenge on us for working with the Russians and electing Bad Orange Man is going to fuel a campaign of witch-burning hatred like you can’t even imagine.

This is going to be an absolute nightmare which you cannot even imagine.

  1. They are going to start arresting right-wing pundits, podcasters and writers on the premise that they are Russian agents.
  2. They will take all right-wing content offline completely.
  3. They are going to ban the sale of guns and then selectively start raiding people and accusing them of being terrorists for having guns (they won’t do mass confiscation, stop using the impossibility of that as a strawman).
  4. They are going to use Facebook and Google to collect data on who is right wing (the data has already been collected by these companies) and start taking their kids away and indoctrinating them to become trannies.
  5. They are going to open the gates completely, worse than anything Trump could get away with, worse than anything you could imagine. They are going to give all of these brown people citizenship in a bid to make sure a white man can never be elected again.
  6. They are going to up all antes, across the board.

Looking at this landscape, we have to figure out a way to negate this situation. Or at least we have to try to do that.

And the only way to do that is to get someone into the running other than Trump who will not do this to us.

Right now, there are only two Democrat candidates who will not release the ultimate brutal hell upon us all:

  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Andrew Yang

Obviously, they have some positions I do not support, but those are more or less the same positions that Trump has come around to having. Plus, they are better than Trump on some issues. Tulsi is a single issue anti-war candidate and Yang is the single issue “I’m going to give you $1000 for free every month” candidate.

Of the two, Yang is the one that is easiest to elect, for the simple fact that he is going to give you $1000 a month.

So the direction here is simple: Yang 2020.

Further, Tulsi and Yang know each other.

So Tulsi could end up being the VP. In fact, I don’t know who else would be better for that. She’s a woman and her anti-war positions are not only universally popular, but she is the only person who holds them (Yang probably does too, but he hasn’t talked about it).

Can Yang win the Democrat Party nomination?

I just assume that is not possible. They will steal it from him, even if he has the numbers. They will figure out a way.

However, this is a situation where a third party run actually makes sense and actually could work. Both Yang and Tulsi are equally dissimilar to Democrats and Republicans. They are equidistant from each party. Furthermore, neither Trump’s new platform nor the Democrat non-platform – which is entirely based on opposing everything Trump ran on – are at all popular.

I legitimately believe that a Yang independent ticket – hopefully with Tulsi in the VP slot – could win in 2020. I’m not lying to you. I believe this is possible.

Good and Bad

The worst thing about Yang is that he isn’t white. It’s also the best thing about Yang.

I don’t say it’s the worst thing because I hate nonwhites – I’m not that kind of racist, and if he’s going to go up there and openly promote white interests, and I think he is the best candidate for white people, then he has my 100% support. I’m a “positive” rather than a “negative” racist, in that I am concerned about doing what is best for white people, not thwarting other people. It’s that simple. And I consider anyone who would put being against nonwhites over being for whites as an unserious weirdo and anti-social personality (you can debate whether Yang is the best choice for white people, but if the debate is over the fact that you just hate him because he is Asian and don’t care if he’s good for white people or not, then you have a personal problem that I’m not interested in trying to address as if it is legitimate).

The reason it is the worst thing is that you’re not going to get people feeling the type of atavistic tribalism that they feel in supporting Trump. Trump managed to trigger white consciousness as a masculine white leader ready to go to war for the people. And you can’t get that from a nonwhite (however, that doesn’t mean a nonwhite can’t provide a type of sense of solidarity among whites).

Conversely, it is the best thing, because a nonwhite can bring together all whites in the country without being caught up in the nonsense of the current discourse about “racism.” Our core goal should always be bringing our lost brothers and sisters who have been ensnared by Jewish mind tricks back into the fold, and uniting under one banner. Using a nonwhite to do that is actually a brilliant strategy.

Furthermore, it is only a nonwhite that can make direct appeals to white people – by name – without being accused of being a total Nazi. Yang is the first presidential candidate to directly express vocal support for whites as a group since George Wallace.

And let’s be honest: it is only whites that are going to be interested in the Yang platform. The $1000 a month is $1000 a month total, from all programs. So public housing and other forms of financial assistance are subtracted from it if you’re already on those. And most colored people are getting over $1000 a month from the government already.

The rest of his program to do with the establishment of a humanized technocracy is something that colored people are simply too stupid to grasp.

Yang is going to go by the data, and the data shows that I am correct on this. He knows he isn’t going to get any relevant support from nonwhites and he knows that he can’t win with only white liberals. He also knows that the only right-wing whites who are going to abandon Trump are the ones who are ideological, or the ones who can be swayed by people who are ideological. The deracinated evangelical boomers are going to vote for Trump no matter what if he goes up there and talks about abortion and socialism.

So Yang is going to stay on the issue of the so-called “White Death.” He is going to keep reaching out to white people as a group with interests which is being disenfranchised by a system of aggressive anti-whiteness, because this is simply an obvious strategy.

The media has already started suggesting that he is a 4chan anime Nazi, but how far can this go? I have no doubt that if this thing I am planning picks up steam, they are going to go all-out on this, but how many of the young liberals that Yang has to bring in are going to be swayed by CNN calling a Chinese guy a white supremacist? Furthermore, how many of those liberals are secretly longing to have a nonwhite give them permission to recognize that they too have interests which are being denied by the likes of Kamala Harris?

We’ve already seen young white liberals organizing for white interests. If the Bernie campaign wasn’t about white interests, then what was it about? His crowds were whiter than Trump’s.

And the single biggest issue was white financial problems, including student loans. Brown people don’t have this issue. The government already takes care of them.

They have to be crypto about it, because they have to maintain the frame that they are fighting for justice for the oppressed brown people, but some part of them must have been registering that only white people were supporting Bernie. And that it was brown people who made Bernie nonviable.

Most importantly, whatever happens, we are entering into something that is going to be very, very funny.

Who Knows?

I am not saying that this plan will work.

I am saying that Trump won’t win in 2020, short of firing Jared Kushner and going back to what he was before, which I think is probably impossible.

I absolutely think you should be getting ready for a Kamala Harris presidency, whatever that means for you. If you’re a doxed right-winger, consider leaving the country, and if you’re not doxed, consider getting out of the city and stocking up on guns. This will get uglier than Kamala’s saggy monkey face.

We here at Stormer are certainly preparing for Kamala on our end. We are getting ready to run this site completely on Tor, and are going to start making sure every one of our readers knows how to access the site through Tor.

We will roll with whatever punches are thrown our way, and we will always have a plan.

Kamala would very possibly mean a world war, which would be great.

But as of right now, March 11, 2019, Yang is the only plan that makes sense.

We can’t force Trump to support his own voters. I have done all I can do, and he is choosing – for whatever reason – to spit in the faces of all of us and side with Jared Kushner against his own people. None of us can change that fact. If he changes in the coming months and fires Kushner, it will be time for a serious reevaluation. Probably, whatever the details were, I would go back to supporting Trump on the singular basis of firing Kushner. Because if he was gone, then all of the rest of this stuff we hate would be gone too.

I am not going to estimate the chances that Trump will fire Kushner. But I think we can all see that those chances are incredibly low.

I am fully open to criticism of my support for a Chinese Democrat who has gun control in his platform. But I have spent a whole lot of time thinking this through, and I am going to do what I think is right for our people.