Trudeau Begging to Get Macron’d, Passes Carbon Tax Law

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

Trudeau seems to be paying attention to the events happening in France.

In particular, he’s taking inspiration from Macron’s initiative and thinks that it would be a good idea to try the same things that worked out so well for the French government in Canada.

The Guardian:

Canada has imposed a landmark carbon tax on four provinces which had defied Ottawa’s push to combat climate change, prompting unhappy premiers to say they would challenge the measure.

The prime minister, Justin Trudeau, citing international commitments to fight global warming, had made clear for two years he would slap the tax on any of the 10 provinces that did not come up with their own plans by 1 April.

The measure is opposed by Ontario, the most populous province, where Trudeau’s Liberals need to do well to stand a chance of retaining power in a federal election this October.

Carbon pollution will initially cost C$20 ($15) a tonne, rising by C$10 a year until it reaches C$50 in 2022. It also applies in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

“As of today, it’s no longer free to pollute anywhere in Canada,” the environment minister, Catherine McKenna, said on Twitter.

This tax will be passed onto the regular tax-paying Canadian.

It will almost certainly mean having to pay more for gas to get to and from work in your car. In other words, this tax will disproportionately impact suburb-dwellers and ruralites. This sets the stage quite nicely because it is a very similar reason to the tax that led to the Yellow Vests taking to the streets of France.

Middle class Frenchmen didn’t appreciate the price hikes on gasoline that Macron imposed on them. That was the initial reason for the protests, and now it seems that they’re running on pure hatred of Macron and his over-the-top crackdown.

When you look at the situation, it’s clear that you have similar conditions in Canada. 

A similar tax on a similarly struggling Canadian middle class by an out-of-touch homosexual politician might lead to a very similar reaction. If anything, Trudeau would be far more hapless than Macron. This thing would be easy, a walk in the park with a rake in hand for the Canucks.

They shouldn’t take it laying down. And they should call it “The Rake-ening” or something equally lulzy.

The Neon Vest thing is cool and all, but carrying rakes would be way more appropriate for Canada. On one level, it’s a symbol of suburbia. You know, lawns and rakes and all that. Then, it’s a symbol related to the maple leaf – which is on the Canadian flag. If the Tree of Liberty in America needs the blood of tyrants and patriots, the Canadian maple tree just needs a nice raking from time to time to keep it healthy and its roots out of the damp.

Also, Rake Nationalism has a very “peasant with pitchfork” vibe going for it.

Overall, it’s a 10/10 idea and I hope to see the Canadians implement it soon, hopefully, in time for spring cleaning this year.

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  1. If you can, try not to bomb my house. Not that you’ll hit me or anything I sure as hell wont be sitting around at home on the day of the rake.

  2. He should one-up Macron with a 68 year old boyfriend.

  3. I think it’s too late for Turdeau. If elections were held today, there would be a cuckservative hung parliament. He has only 5 months to reverse this.

    He’s likely passed this now because the Green Party is reaching historical polling highs, but between them and the street shitter lead socialists (Orange), the cuckservatives have the vote splitting advantage.


    The least cucked party is the People’s Party (purple), mostly alt lite “we’re nationalists, but not raycists tho” types. I think they’ll be lucky to retain the one seat they currently have (which was originally elected as a cuckservative before changing parties). Then there’s the Bloc Quebecois which will likely do well in rural Quebec, but will remain a shadow of its former self due to the mudmanoid invasion of Montreal and Quebec City.

  4. So that is extra 130 Cuckbux for every metric ton of fuel oil burned to say prevent you from freezing to death in the artic hell hole you chose to hide from the brown hordes of the cities.

    Carbon tax is all about wealth transfer and financial pressure to prevent free movement of people and to gather them all into few gigantic urban centers.

  5. UnCL3 says:

  6. Some of us do, drugger…sorry, I meant drogger. :smirk:

  7. leseb says:

    You mean white people?

  8. Only for hockey, the same how Brits only riot for sports ball.

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