Trannies Will be Allowed in the Military After All

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2017

See, this is what I’m telling you.

The Independent:

Transgender recruits can soon begin applying to the US military after Donald Trump’s efforts to block them were struck down.

“The DoD is prepared to comply with the court order to access transgender applicants for military service 1 January,” a Department of Defence spokesperson said.

Earlier this year, Mr Trump announced his intention to block transgender people from openly serving, reversing Barack Obama’s move to lift a prohibition.

The change was immediately entangled in legal challenges and denounced by transgender soldiers, and some military officials who said it was needlessly discriminatory.

By announcing a major policy change on Twitter, Mr Trump even surprised some members of his own administration.

Softening the blow, Defence Secretary James Mattis said the Obama-era authorisation of transgender service would remain in place pending a review, meaning members could continue serving.

Two months later, a federal judge ruled against the ban, siding with current and aspiring transgender service members who sued to halt it.

Trump is attempting a noble agenda domestically, but it isn’t working because the entire government is undermining him.

I am able to see and understand that he is trying and understand why he is being undermined, but the masses are just seeing the failure.

And this creates a situation where there is no good will to spend on military intervention in the Islamic world – or in Asia where he continues to provoke North Korea for reasons no one can even explain.

This whole thing is spiraling out of control.