Trannies Have Really Let Themselves Go

Diversity Macht Frei
July 19, 2018

Trannies used to be parodies of femininity. They would try and out-femme the femmes with bouffant hair, garish make-up and elaborate dress-wear.

That was when they were struggling for acceptance.

Now that they’ve won acceptance – at least by the tiny minority of extremists who run our government, edit our newspapers and control our audio-visual programming – they don’t need to bother any more. They’ve just let themselves go.

Here, in this Sky News clip, starting from around the 6 minute mark, you see a transgender activist, Jess Bradley, who identifies “as a non-binary human”. The Sky News reporter refers to him as “she”. Jess doesn’t even bother making an effort to acquire a little of that “feminine mystique”. No fake boobs have been inserted. No operations have been done. He looks exactly like a geeky, bespectacled guy wearing jeans – who arbitrarily declares himself to be a woman.

The trannies know they can get away with this now because they have the tyrannical force of the law on their side. If you laugh at them, if you demur at their claims to be what they say they are, they can get you hounded from your job or prosecuted for “transphobia”. Trannies are the new Jews. They destroy your life if you point out the absurdity of their claims.

A guy pretending to be a woman

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  1. “It is estimated there are up to 500,000 transgender people in the UK”


    If this is indeed true, then it’s a national endocrinal crisis.

  2. larr says:

    they’re normal people just like you and me

  3. “I don’t like being on a stairwell where I’m frightened that I’m going to be pushed down by a man with a balaclava and a mask who’s telling me that he’s a woman, and that if I don’t accept that, I’m a Nazi. It’s extremely frightening.
    It should be possible to have a discussion where there are a range of different people, with a range of different truths, who can enter into a dialogue about this.”

    Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evans. Author of book on trans-children and Current Year Neon-Nazi.

    The thing is though, there can’t fucking BE a range of different truths. The very concept is anti-logic. As Anglin has said, this is a zero-sum game.

  4. Saw two of these freaks in the food court yesterday while ordering food. Felt like asking for a refund as I lost my appetite.

  5. Seems like a logical defense to cope with clown world.

    Put on a wig, roll out some of that freudkike gender babble and now you have special pivilages and immuntity from being punished for things that you do wrong.

    Plus think of all the shekels you could make by sueing people who don’t use your gender pronouns.

    Yeah trannies are the new jews.

    (rubs hands mannishly)

  6. (((estimated))) goy.
    Which means there are probably about 2000, in a population of 70.000.000 but of course the (((media))) wants you to believe that every 2nd person is one, despite most people not actually knowing one across all of their social circles.

  7. The parents that are allowing their children in with these mentally ill, deranged faggots need to have their children taken away from them. Faggots, trannies, and parents willfully exposing their children to this abject degeneracy will be shot in front of the firing squads at the Arbeitslagers.

  8. Fire up the ovens to 1488 celcius!

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