Traitor Pope Cucks Out Again and Compares Devout Christians to ISIS

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2017

I can’t take it anymore, fam. This cuck pope just keeps getting worse. Bad enough that he likes to slobber over some Dindu’s feet in his free time, and even worse that he lobbies for open borders with the Third World, now he has to go and compare his own flock to ISIS.


Two leading theologians close to Pope Francis have said that American evangelicals and hard-line Catholics have a worldview that is “not too far apart’’ from jihadists. Their article in the journal Civilta’ Cattolica, which has outraged religious conservatives in the US, goes on to accuse right-wing Catholics and Christians of making an unholy pact with President Trump, and of deepening political polarisation in the United States. Some experts have interpreted the article as a call from Pope Francis himself for the church to dissociate itself from the US administration’s right-wing policies on everything from climate change to migration. Pope Francis has previously hit out at President Donald Trump’s proposals to build a wall between Mexico and the US – a policy the pontiff had said was not Christian.

The two leading theologians and closet queers referenced in this article are supposed to be close friends of Pope Francis.

Vatican expert Nello Scavo, author of four books on the current pope, told i[News] he thought the article had the Francis’s backing. “I doubt very much that Francis wasn’t aware of this article — or that he doesn’t approve of it. He’s very close to both of the authors. And he’s had three weeks to criticize it if he’d wanted to,” he said.

Just like Trump uses Judge Jeanine to fire broadsides at the GOPe, the Pope uses Civilta’ Cattolica to push his anti-White and anti-Christian agenda.

“At heart, the narrative of terror shapes the world-views of jihadists and the new crusaders and is imbibed from wells that are not too far apart,” they write.

That’s cuckspeak for “omg some Christians are bad just like ISIS so really we can’t criticize Muslims at all.”

In the West, the holy trinity has long been replaced by the three cardinal sins that condemn White people to be genocided. They are:

  1. The Holocaust
  2. Slavery
  3. The Crusades

Unfortunately for them, they can’t hide the truth forever. White people are learning about their history again, thanks to the internet and sites like the Daily Stormer. White people are unlearning the self-hate they’ve been taught about their own ancestors.

They are finally hearing the truth, that the Crusades were just, that they were necessary and that they WILL happen again.

Some day, a cross will hang in this church again. And the bodies of the men who took it down will hang outside of it.

As for the cucks in the Vatican, they are all impostors. They are soft, decadent and have turned away from the true teachings of Jesus Christ and Almighty God.

It is every Christian’s duty to defend the faith by taking up arms against its enemies, the Moslems and Jews. The Crusaders were the defenders of White Europe, never forget that. It’s why the Jews, Moslems and traitors brainwash us to hate them. By extension, any White Gentile who hates on the Crusades is a heretic and deserves to be burned at the stake for blaspheming the great defenders of the faith.


“It is easy enough for modern people to dismiss the Crusades as morally repugnant or cynically evil. Such judgments, however, tell us more about the observer than the observed. They are based on uniquely modern (and therefore, Western) values. If, from the safety of our modern world, we are quick to condemn the Medieval Crusader, we should be mindful that he would be just as quick to condemn us. Our infinitely more destructive wars waged for the sake of political and social ideologies would, from his view, be lamentable wastes of human life. In both societies, the medieval and the modern, people fight for what is most dear to them. That is a fact of human nature that is not so changeable.” – Thomas Madden in the book (The New Concise History Of The Crusades)

And I’m just going to put this out there if you didn’t know it yet. God and by extension, Jesus, are both clearly White. Despite what libshits say, this is not Jesus:

God wouldn’t make his one and only son a mongrel would he? No, of course not, that would make God a race-mixing cuck. Does God look like a low-T numale to you?

Also, the Devil is clearly Jewish.

Some US Catholics heard about the article and responded with the following:

“As far as I am aware, American self-described fundamentalists are not destroying 2,000 year-old architectural treasures, decapitating Muslims, crucifying Middle Eastern Christians, promoting vile anti-Semitic literature, or slaughtering octogenarian French priests,” wrote Samuel Gregg of the right-wing Catholic think tank, the Acton Institute, in the Catholic World Report.

This Samuel Gregg is right, White Christians don’t do that sort of thing anymore. But they definitely should be doing it, because if they did, no one would mess with them and they’d be respected again. Apart from destroying 2,000-year-old architectural treasures, Christians need to start doing everything on that list and stop listening to the faggot Pope or their cuck evangellyfish pastors.

I wouldn’t even be mad at the article if it were written by Moslems and its claims were true. I’m all for the Neo-Crusade.

We need to meme this into reality.