Total Synagogue Kill Count at 11 – Biggest Jewish Death Scene in American History

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

These Jewish corpses are going to be used for years to come as clubs to beat our freedom of speech rights. They are also going to bolster the Jewish clampdown on dissent, and be used to justify the recent arrests of RAM members and others.

This is presumably the final death count. People don’t usually die after this amount of time not dying from a gunshot wound.


Eleven people have been killed in a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, police have confirmed. The suspect has been detained.

Twelve people have been injured, according to local media. Three officers were wounded, though it remains unclear whether they were counted in that tally.

Police radio chatter suggested the suspect told officers before being detained that “all these Jews need to die” and he didn’t “want any of them to live.”

The shooter, identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers, was carrying an AR-15 and a Glock pistol. An additional weapon was found attached to the suspect’s ankle, and a pistol was found in his waistband. A “military style package” was being checked inside the synagogue following reports of an explosive device.

Nothing was gained in this event.

Jews will not change their behavior.

All you have to do to understand what is happening here is look at the way the Jews themselves are celebrating everywhere, dancing around and calling for a complete and total shutdown on goyim being able to speak their minds.

It wasn’t just on liberal networks, either. Saturday afternoon I was watching Fox News and they had some Jew on there saying that we need to ban speech that is a “dog whistle” for violence, because even if someone is not directly calling for violence they could be signaling it with their “tone.”

Jews are barely able to contain their glee.

Look, kids: you’re not going to fight the Jews and overthrow the system with random terrorist attacks. That simply is not something which is possible in human reality. The only time any type of violence-oriented political agenda was ever possible, it was in coordination with a legitimate political party – the way the IRA operated, or the way the modern Democrat Party uses antifa.

This means that because we do not presently have political organization, we have to be working on that right now, exclusively.

Random people shooting random Jews is completely insane, and only puts us in a worse situation. It is a selfish act that can only bring some temporary satisfaction to the individual, who is choosing to put that personal feeling over the wellbeing of our people.

It is the same thing I said about those costumed street marches people were doing last year, before Matt Heimbach got caught beating his wife for catching him sleeping with his mother-in-law. It is aggrandizement which hurts the people.

This shooting creates sympathy for the Jews and it gives them power to further regulate speech. It might also affect the midterms, though I doubt it.