Toronto Girl’s School Apologizes to Jew Overlords for Performing Parody of Merchant of Venice

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

The school’s exterior is very old fashioned. 

The student body not so much. 

Shakespeare might be a key father of the Western literary tradition, but we’re not living in the Western World anymore.

This is Jewtown now, kids.

So you better keep your filthy goyim mouths shut, and keep your hands off of your people’s historical culture.

You’re not even allowed to make fun of Shakespeare and call him an anti-Semite – because that is also anti-Semitic.

CTV News:

Officials at a Toronto private school say they “deeply regret” that some parents were offended after a play accused of containing “gratuitous anti-Semitic” content was performed for students.

On Monday, two dozen parents of students attending Bishop Strachan School – an all-girls private day and boarding school – sent a letter to the boards of governors and trustees to share their objections to an adaptation of the play “The Merchant of Venice” that was presented to Grade 11 students by a U.K. theatre company last week.

In a copy of the letter provided to by one of the parents, the group said the production missed the mark in its attempt to link anti-Semitic messages in Shakespeare’s play to those used by Hitler during the Holocaust.

Instead, Box Clever materially exaggerated the anti-Semitic sentiment of the original version of the play and sadly introduced the Holocaust in a humorous light that minimized its impact and offended many of the Jewish students whose families were personally affected,” the parents wrote.

Box Clever’s website, however, states that their adaptation of the play “masterfully proves that the events and issues still resonate 400 years after Shakespeare as the play speaks to each new generation.”

The letter said the parents weren’t opposed to the teaching of “The Merchant of Venice” or addressing racially charged subject matter with their children, but the adaptation’s “blatant anti-Semitism,” which was intended as satire, may have been misunderstood by the school’s young audience because they weren’t adequately prepared ahead of time.

“Many teachers did not explain to the students the intent and reasoning behind the blatant anti-Semitism in the play and instead there was a divisive classroom of students either supporting or criticizing the play,” the letter said.

According to the parents, students told them they were expected to yell “Hallelujah” in response to the actor onstage shouting anti-Semitic statements such as “Burn their Synagogues,” “Take away their holy books,” and “Burn the Jews” to mimic how Hitler brainwashed youth before the Holocaust.

In addition to the chanting, the letter said the theatre company told a Grade 11 drama student to build a nose that was “as large and offensive as possible” to be used in the play. The parents also took issue with the casual way references to events during the Holocaust, such as Kristallnacht and Jewish people boarding trains to concentration camps, were portrayed in the play.

Lastly, the complaint said Hitler was depicted in a “favourable light, as a humorous and likable individual.”

“To remedy the damage already done, we believe the school needs to act quickly to hopefully reverse the harmful effects of this production,” the parents said. “We think it is imperative that the school engages with professional organizations who are equipped to handle the sensitive and delicate subjects of bigotry and prejudice.”

The parents suggested the school work with well-known Jewish organizations, such as Simon Wiesenthal, B’nai Brith, and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, to discuss the themes presented in the play.

lol but of course, goyim.

Now you’re in deep – gotta bow down before the MASTER RACE – GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.

Holy perfection in human form.

Here’s the team that runs Box Clever, the company that wrote this Holocaust oriented version of Merchant.

I expected it to all be Jews, but Wicherek is probably a Polish goy name.

So maybe this is an anti-Semitic conspiracy.

The page about the play says that it is designed for performance by kids ages 14-16.

It also says that the play was first performed in Jerusalem, and met with praise.

So there have to be Jews involved somewhere for this theater company – which is British – to get to perform their thing in Israel. And it cannot be that clearly anti-Semitic if the Israeli Jews loved it.

Basically, the rule in the West is “never, ever even mention Jews ever for any reason.”